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    142142|| [ verelox] || AS12876 || Yes || Yes || Yes || "fair usage policy for dedicated servers, your server shouldn't exceed 200 Mbps more than 512 times per week, but if it does, we ask you to lower the bandwidth usage or throttle your network speed 24 hours after the notification if no response is received". I think verelox is a reseller from, let's see how long it goes (12/13/15). Dedi with NanoU2250-CPU only able to push ~85Mbit max, average is ~76 Mbit, limit is the CPU not the network (1/5/16) || || "We don't generally have issues with tor exit relays" || 1/5/16 ||
    143143|| [ HostHatch] || AS42708 || Yes || Yes || No || Their provided both openvz and KVM type vps. Their VPS IPS and location is: AMS-IX, Equinix Telecity Southeast AMS 5. Openvz vps is 2TB Bandwidth per mo(4$/MO), and KVM vps is 1TB per mo(5$/MO). || || [ Here] || surveillance104,05/01/16 ||
     144|| Ziggo || AS9143 || Yes || Yes || Yes || No official documentation on this, they confirmed they allow it over the phone. A customer rep told me it's allowed on consumer broadband plans though Fair Use limits apply (these are unspecified). They seemed to be under the impression that running a TOR exit node is of dubious legality/depends on loopholes in the law and advised me to stay up-to-date on TOR-related legislation. || || || 05/24/2016 ||
    145146 * `relay [+] exit [+]` John Brooks [ runs a 2TB node] at [ LeaseWeb]. He would recommend them for running a relay. -- JensKubieziel. [ In a mail to Tor-talk], a LeaseWeb employee (Alex de Joode) offered his help to sort out complaints regarding Tor.