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    1818 * (DE) has generous traffic limits (there are contracts including 1TB/Mo) and behaves as I'd expect it from good partners. Some BSA-notice regarding Torrents arrived, they informed me and told me to stop this "illegal activities" and said, after reading and (at least it seems so) understanding my reply explaining tor with "ok, we won't interfere, your problem".
    1919 * offers cheap and reliable Virtuals Servers with 2GB HDD-space and liberal policies. The cheapest VPS is around 8 Euros.
    20  * [ OVH] (German ISP) offers root server with a high bandwith (up to 5.000 kB/s). The data center is located in France. Some of the top20 tor nodes are hosted here. -- Karsten N.
    2120 * [ Server4You] (Germany, part of [ Intergenia AG]) hasn't complained about a tor server (running on a non-virtual server) pushing 300GB/month for more than two years. They only block incoming port 6667. They are hosting more than a dozen tor servers.  -- SvenNeuhaus (2008/01)
    6160 * The german ISP dogado ended up killing the tor server process and blocking the OR-port on my vServer. --d00b
    6261 * The german ISP EuServ / ISPro -- they just broke the contract, switching our Server off. -- ["padeluun"]
    63  * [ Manitu] forbids any anonymisation techniques in their AGBs --qbi
     62 * [ Manitu] forbids any anonymisation techniques
     63 in their AGBs --qbi
     64 * [ OVH] (German ISP) offers root server with a high
     65 bandwith (up to 5.000 kB/s). They changed their AGB and cancel
     66 "problematic" contracts very fast.--qbi
    6467 * The german ISP shut down h07onion due to gross incompetence. Look at for more details.
    6568 * The german ISP Xantron ended up killing the tor server process on my vServer. --SvenNeuhaus