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    88 * [ Team Cinipac] "allow on all server locations services like TOR/VPN/I2P because we are supporting projects who safe the privacy like wikileaks, TOR etc. We stand behind our customer and abuse will be forwarded to you to take action. If you have problems, need help etc. just only contact our Abuse/Law Department they will help you in this case. We do not provide any kind of information to third parties. Our company locate in Panama and we ignore court orders from other countries, because we think privacy is an human right." - pretty expensive though
    99 * [ Santrex] has servers in UK, France, USA, Germany and Canada, and they explicitly allow Tor exits at all locations - but recommend their DDOS protected US location. Abuse will be forwarded, and if dealt with within 24-48hrs, the account won't get suspended. They also allow a wide range of payment processors besides PayPal, eg. Liberty Reserve, WebMoney and CashU.
    10    * [ Santrex]gave me a poor experience- no abuse was forwarded, and my server was suspended without prior notice.
     10    * [ Santrex] gave me a poor experience, no abuse was forwarded, and my server was suspended without prior notice.
     11    * [ Santrex] suspended the vps running an exit tor node after 1 day telling me that torrenting was not allowed and I was abusing the service.  No warning was given.  They kept billing my credit card even after having the vps service suspended. (July 2011)
    1112 * [] is a Tor-friendly ISP that already has a 20Mbit Tor Exit Node hosted there. Their services are a bit pricey, but they have excellent peering, and offer a "Cheap-Net" option to give you bandwidth at a little less than half of their listed prices (~$20/Mbit).
    1213 * [] is a BitCoin-only VPS provider that is Tor friendly. Good customer service, prices that change to reflect the USD/BTC market, great bandwidth, and no-frills VPS.