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    1515=== US ===
     16 * [ Softlayer] allows for customized WHOIS, and you can edit your reverse DNS from their portal.
    1617 * [ Cyberonic] is now on the COVAD backbone, so you should be able to get service from them anywhere you could get other COVAD-based service.  They offer 6.0m/768kbps at $59/month, w/ a static IP.  Can't recall ever having downtime due to them and their TOS only restrict Email relay servers (and that's probably only enforced if you have complaints).  All other servers ok.  If you sign up, tell 'em brianwc sent you and I think I get a free month. -- BrianC
    1718 * RoadRunner (TimeWarner) (USA): Very reliable service. Been running web server on 80 for several years. IP changes when cable modem reset (almost never for me). No ports blocked (that I know of). No BW limits, only speed caps. I've got 5Mbps down/384kbps up. Definitely recommend. Running Tor since Jan 06. -- MichaelAnsel
    2021 * [ Slicehost/Rackspace] (a hosting provider, not an ISP) allows running Tor on their servers, but if anybody downloads copyrighted material illegally through Tor, that's a ToS violation. I had an issue with a DMCA (copyright violation) notice triggered by Tor activity exiting through my server, and I had to agree to block the port on which the material was downloaded for them to let me continue running the exit relay. Setting an ExitPolicy that only allows certain ports is probably smart if you don't want to get into trouble. Otherwise, the service is great; each server gets guaranteed 10 Mbps, and the network has never been down in the 6 months I've been a customer. Plans start at US $20/month, reasonably cheap as these things go. Update: 3 March 2010: Approach with caution. I'd love to move my exit node to Slicehost, but after trading several e-mails with a Greg in technical support, I could not get a straight answer about whether Tor complies with the company's AUP. Greg's response when pushed: "Again, we do not recommend this service to be run on our platform. If you have any other questions, please let us know." -- EricB
    2122 * [ Sh3lls] says their dedicated servers can be used for anything legal, as long as the customer handles abuse they're fine.
    22  * [ ThePlanet] allows Tor exits, WHOIS can be customized.
    2424=== Germany ===