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    1414=== US ===
    15  * [ Axigy] is a great Tor host. Ask for custom quote.
     15 * [ Axigy] is a superb Tor hoster. Handles abuse perfectly. Ask for custom quote.
    1616 * [ Softlayer] allows for customized WHOIS, reverse DNS from their portal, and they are an utility provider. They have dedicated servers and cloud instances (Hourly or monthly billed). They come with 3,000 GB bandwidth standard, if you get a dedicated box. You can pick Dallas, Seattle, Washington D.C., and San Jose for server locations. By the end of the year (2011), you will also be able to run nodes in Europe and Asia as well. You may remember these guys: merged with SoftLayer in late 2010.
    1717 * [ Cyberonic] is now on the COVAD backbone, so you should be able to get service from them anywhere you could get other COVAD-based service. They offer 6.0m/768kbps at $59/month, w/ a static IP. Can't recall ever having downtime due to them and their TOS only restrict Email relay servers (and that's probably only enforced if you have complaints). All other servers ok. If you sign up, tell 'em brianwc sent you and I think I get a free month. -- BrianC