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    158158 * [ 5ITE Hosting Solutions] Tor not allowed. Supposedly forbidden by TOS/AUP even though not directly mentioned
    159159 * [ DigitalOcean] Tor was allowed, then they stealth changed the ToS after their KVM network stack was failing. Tor will get grandfathered status (Unlimited Bandwidth) removed, and they weren't exactly keen to warn. Note added 2013-06-16: Also, currently, VPS CPUs do not appear to have support for [ AES instruction set]. CPU usage maxed for me at 100% when bandwidth reached about 2 Mbps.
     160  Exits: Initially, DigitalOcean seems like a great place to run an exit. Their servers are cheap, and they forward abuse complaints to you so that you can take further action. I had been blocking IPs as complaints came in. I received 10 abuse complaints and handled them to DigitalOcean's satisfaction, however after receiving the 11th abuse complaint my account was locked. They said that my account had received "too many abusive complaints" and would not be unlocked; if you have any other VPS instances I suspect you would permanently lose access to those as well, as I had 3 other VPSes that had not received any abuse complaints that I no longer have access to as well.
    160161 * [] I've ordered their service, but they sent me my password only after 4 days, after I ordered another service already. I asked them to cancel my order and refund - but they just deleted my account, gave me no refund and they do not reply to my mails.
    161162 * [, owned by] Tor not allowed. Even middle nodes violate their TOS/AUP.