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    1515 * `relay [+] exit [+]` [ Binary CPU] allows Tor nodes. I got a promotional unmetered package and been hosting an exit relay since January 2012. - December 2012: Sadly everything has come to an end, I guess. Binary CPU has discontinued their VPS services so there goes my fast exit node :(
    1616 * `relay [+] exit [-]` [] Low cost and "good" bandwidth limit. Tor exit nodes were once allowed but no longer (per their [ Acceptable Use Policy].  Relay nodes are fine.
     17 * `relay [+] exit [-]` [ Catalyst Host] I bought a very cheap, reasonably powerful VPS from them through a [ Low End Box] special. I then made the dubious decision of running an exit node on it without asking. Upon receiving a set of port-scanning abuse complaints they were very upset, but agreed to let me use the server as a non-exit relay.
    1718 * `relay [+] exit [-]` [ ChunkHost] Good bandwidth, great uptime, excellent support, all around excellent VPS provider.  However they questionable policies about Tor.  They received one DMCA notice and despite the standard response, tell me VPS will be disable with one more notification.  Still working this out. -hRB Jan/2012
    1819 * `relay [+] exit [+]` [ Team Cinipac] Team Cinipac "allow on all server locations services like Tor/VPN/I2P because we are supporting projects who safe the privacy like wikileaks, Tor etc. We stand behind our customer and abuse will be forwarded to you to take action. If you have problems, need help etc. just only contact our Abuse/Law Department they will help you in this case. We do not provide any kind of information to third parties. Our company locate in Panama and we ignore court orders from other countries, because we think privacy is an human right."