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Allowing Exit Nodes


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    9797|| [ Server4You] || || Yes || Yes || No || Part of [ Intergenia AG]) hasn't complained about a Tor server (running on a non-virtual server) pushing 300GB/month for more than two years. They only block incoming port 6667. They are hosting more than a dozen Tor servers. -- SvenNeuhaus (2008/01) [[br]] Server4You limits on virtual servers are ridiculous, actually. numtcpsock 288, tcpsndbuf/tcprcvbuf 3598712, lots of failcnt. Can't use them with Tor. (2010/02) [[br]] I've asked Server4You support and they state servers with complaints about Tor will be canceled immediately (see the quote in the "Bad Experience" section) || || || ||
    9898|| [ Hetzner] || || || Yes || No || Offers good dedicated root servers for a good price. You can even install your own Windows Server license via KVM console. Since I've got such a root server hosted by hetzner, I asked them how the situation with TOR nodes is at the moment. Here is the answer (in german): "Das ist bei uns nicht direkt verboten, aber ich empfehle dies zu unterlassen. Es sei denn Sie wünschen explizit Besuch von der Kripo, Gericht usw. Das könnte Sie auch ins Gefängnis bringen. Denn Sie sind persönlich für alles verantwortlich, was über das Tor-Relay übertragen wird." This means they are allowing it but every hoster of a node should be aware that you might get some mail or visits from the police b/c you are responsible for every bit and byte that is transmitted via your relay server. But if you are looking for a hoster that is providing performance, good bandwith and much traffic. Some people in the past reported, that the technical support is really bad but my problems where solved immediately and quick. || || ||
    99 || [ Contabo] || || || Yes || No || Has no restriction for relays or exit nodes. However, possible abuse complaints will be forwarded to the owner and need to be addressed. "Wie in unserer letzten Mail erwähnt haben wir keinerlei Einschränkungen, dies bezieht sich auch auf die 'Exit-nodes'. Sollten wir Beschwerden erhalten, werden wir Sie kontaktieren um eine Lösung des Problems zu finden." -- jkeyser (2014/12) || || || ||
     99|| [ Contabo] || || || Yes || Yes || Has no restriction for relays or exit nodes. However, possible abuse complaints will be forwarded to the owner and need to be addressed. "Bezüglich Ihrer Anfrage können wir Sie darüber informieren, dass Sie prinzipiell exit nodes (TOR) auf unseren VPS Modellen nutzen können. Sollten wir jedoch Beschwerden gegen Ihre IP Adresse erhalten, werden wir entsprechende Schritte einleiten müssen." -- Viktorio Z. (2018/06) || || || ||
    100100|| [ Strato] || || || Yes || No || Twitter support says non-Exit Relays are okay (as long as you don't harm their infrastructure), but Exit-Nodes are prohibited by their general terms and conditions "Solange Sie mit der Tor-Nutzung nicht unsere Infrastruktur beeinträchtigen und auch nicht gegen die AGB verstoßen, ist das kein Problem", "Non-Exit Nodes sind gestattet". || || [] || ||
    101101|| [ PraHost] || || || Yes || Yes || Stated in November 2014 that they allow exit nodes if abuse complaints are handled. [[br]] Suspends the server if no "valid" action (read: blocking) is taken within 24 hours of an abuse ticket. [[br]] Their ticket system does not reliably handle email replies, use the web interface instead. || || || 2017-10-31 ||