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    3636|| [ Axigy] || || Yes || Yes || Yes || Good abuse handling. || || [ Here] || ||
    3737|| [ Blacklotus] || || Yes || Yes || Yes || Liberal abuse handling policies || || [ Here] || ||
    38 || [] || AS53667 || Yes || Yes || Yes || || || [ Here] || ||
     38|| [] || AS53667 || Yes || Yes || Yes || New Tor rules [ here]. All relays are fine if you follow the steps. || || [ Here] || ||
    3939|| [ Catalyst Host] || || ? || No || No || "If you are interested in hosting either, you can ask us about a dedicated server." || || [ Here] || 10/01/14 ||
    4040|| [ ChunkHost] || || Yes || Yes || ? || Questionable DMCA handling || || [ Here] || 01/01/12 ||
    160160 * `relay [+] exit [?]` [ DirectVPS] has no problems with Tor
    161161 * `relay [+] exit [-]` [ Versio] was said to have no problems with Tor, but they disabled my Cloudbox VPS anyway. Might have been because it was an exit node... I think they disabled it after an abuse report, but I don't know for sure. They just stated it was against their policy to run "a tor network" (sic), though I can't find anything on proxies or relays in their terms of service. I also went over the bandwidth limit, but that was not given as a reason for disabling the VPS. They even included a screenshot of the top command where tor was running, so it really doesn't seem to be about exceeding the bandwidth. I think as long as you go without abuse complaints (e.g. run an internal relay) and don't exceed the bandwidth limit, they won't notice.[[BR]][[BR]]!AuroraNet  ran an exit with default exit policy on a Versio !CloudBox  for over 6 months without issue (2013)
    162  * `relay [+] exit [?]` [ NForce] has no problems with Tor
    163162 * `relay [+] exit [+] anonymous` [ CyberBunker] has no problems with almost anything you could think of (which would include tor) and customers can remain anonymous.
    164163 * `relay [+] exit [+]` [ SnelServer] does not mention anything about Tor or similar software being run on their servers but after sending an email, they have said customers are welcome to run any software they wish on their servers which is legal in the Netherlands and abuse complaints must be responded to within 24 hours or the system automatically suspends your account until you do. Very reasonable pricing for dedicated servers and I personally run 5 exit nodes with them (350mbps +/- 100mbps) and have had no problems. I would recommend using Tor's boilerplate response for abuse notices. Very reliable network, great support staff, reasonable prices (79 Euro for 20TB out, unlimited traffic in on a dual core dedicated) and they also accept Bitcoin although you do need to submit ID documentation if you plan on purchasing more than 5 servers. (2014)
    433432 * [ Tilaa] Instant shutdown when hosting an Exit node/Relay node. Does not allow you to host anonymous services for others in general. "hosting TOR exit and relay nodes, open proxy servers and anonymous VPN services is not allowed" -Tilaa (9-16-2014)
    434433 * [ Seedmonster] does not list Tor as being against their TOS, but they suspended a major tor node because of 4 web forum spam reports on a 1gbps exit.  They will try to work with you, but their upstream provider is zero tolerance, so when it comes down to it, they will not back Tor exits.  (Update:)  They agreed to let it keep running after the exit policy was modified, but then came back a week later and said Tor had to be disabled completely.  Three complaints were received out of approx. 10TB of traffic.
     434 * [ NFOrce] shuts down your services if you run an exit node. Middle relays are probably fine.
    436436=== Malaysia ===