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    88ISPs we've had good experiences with:
    9  * is great when it comes to running any sort of server. They only block ports 80, 25 (as far as I know), and they don't monitor bandwidth usage at all. I haven't had any problems with them, and I use dozens of GB of in and out bandwidth per month.  -- DavidBendit [[DateTime(2005-06-22T05:54:22Z)]]
     9 * is great when it comes to running any sort of server. They only block ports 80, 25, and 9001 (as far as I know), and they don't monitor bandwidth usage at all. I haven't had any problems with them, and I use dozens of GB of in and out bandwidth per month.  -- DavidBendit [[DateTime(2005-06-22T05:54:22Z)]]
    1010 * (DE) has generous traffic limits (there are contracts including 1TB/Mo) and behaves as I'd expect it from good partners. Some BSA-notice regarding Torrents arrived, they informed me and told me to stop this "illegal activities" and said, after reading and (at least it seems so) understanding my reply explaining tor with "ok, we won't interfere, your problem".
    11  * TeliaSonera Finland: Largest ISP in Finland. I've been running Tor node on 8/1 ADSL with semipermanent IP address (changes rarely). ISP has not interfered in anyway. They block only port 25. In the future TSF may activate "black lists" based on DSN (sorry effort to "fight kiddied porn). 60+ kBps continuosly. -- JussiSavola
    12   * TeliaSonera is also big in Sweden and deliver where other ISPs can't (They were previously the state monopoly, which they still are, but they now pretend it's free competition while they still own all the fiber). Blocks port 25 for all customers. Does not bother Tor-server operators.
    13  * NextGentel (Norway): Allows Tor-servers. Assists Norwegian secret police in doing total surveillance of customers they torture for sharing their opinion without warrant or even a reason.
    14  * RoadRunner (TimeWarner) (USA): Very reliable service. Been running web server on 80 for several years. IP changes when cable modem reset (almost never for me). No ports blocked (that I know of). No BW limits, only speed caps. I've got 5Mbps down/384kbps up. Definitely recommend. Running Tor since Jan 06. -- MichaelAnsel
    15  * [ Hetzner] are a German hosting provider with a number of Tor servers running on Dedicated Hosts. So far they appear to be tolerant of Tor services although no abuse has been reported to test this. --[wiki:Steve_Crook Steve Crook]
    16  * [ Cyberonic] is now on the COVAD backbone, so you should be able to get service from them anywhere you could get other COVAD-based service.  They offer 6.0m/768kbps at $59/month, w/ a static IP.  Can't recall ever having downtime due to them and their TOS only restrict Email relay servers (and that's probably only enforced if you have complaints).  All other servers ok.  If you sign up, tell 'em brianwc sent you and I think I get a free month. -- [wiki:BrianC brianwc]
    17  * [ Speakeasy] allows users to run arbitrary servers without port or traffic volume restrictions.  Static IP addresses are offered without question or complaint.
    1912ISPs we've had bad experiences with:
    2013 * The german ISP shut down h07onion due to gross incompetence. Look at for more details.
    21  * [ SONIC.NET] of Santa Rosa, CA have terms of service that would apparently be Tor-friendly; but this thread,15272743 includes comments by SONIC.NET's CEO that don't sound particularly friendly or open to the idea of running an exit node.
    22  * [ LayeredTech] are a server hosting company located in Texas.  I ran a server for six months without any issues, but then someone used the Tor server to exploit a PHP vulnerability.  Explaining the goals of Tor to LayeredTech resulted in it being made clear that I was responsible for any and all abuse through my IP address. Shortly after this they ordered me to shutdown Tor. --[wiki:Steve_Crook Steve Crook]
    23  * The german ISP Xantron ended up killing the tor server process on my vServer. --SvenNeuhaus
    24  * The german ISP EuServ / ISPro -- they just broke the contract, switching our Server off. -- [wiki:padeluun padeluun]
    25  * []. Running Tor was fine until Undernet mailed a complaint which falsely claimed Tor was somehow a "botnet". This made a [ very rude person at Ezzi] send a mail which falsely claimed the Tor servers were hacked and "It appears whoever caused this hacked the servers by brute forcing SSH logins and uploading a fake httpd binary and launching it.". This person kept on insisting the servers were hacked after being politely informed that Undernet had confused Tor traffic with a "botnet" and that the servers where not compromised in any way, so it's kind of hard to tell if the person was troublesome because the person did not understand what Tor is or if this person at Ezzi generally just imagines things and think they are part of reality. But it is clear that most ezzi customers [ become ex-customers after meeting this known-to-be-rude tech].
    26  * Charter: "Bandwidth Sharing", or indeed any type of "Server" is forbidden on Charter. They appear to be imposing an artificial bandwidth limit is well. -- ManaUser
    28 == Phobos' research ==
    29 ||ISP Name||Allowed IRC?||Allowed Proxies?||Allowed Tor?||
    30 ||[ CI Host]||N||Y||Y||
    31 ||[]||N||Y||Y||
    32 ||[ Host Voice]||N||N||N||
    33 ||[ Super Servers]||N||N||N||
    34 ||[ Vericenter]||N||Y||Y||
    35 ||[ Dedicated Now]||N||Y||Y||
    36 ||[ Soft Layer]||Y||Y||Y||
    37 ||[ Tek Tonic]||N||N||N||
    38 ||[ Unixshell]||N||N||N||
    39 ||[ Verizon FiOS]||N||N||N||
    42 Notes: 
    43  * Unixshell/Tektonic are the same company.  They nullroute you on the first abuse complaint.  Middleman nodes are ok, but the abuse dept requests "SafeLogging 0" set in your torrc and wants full access to your logs on demand. 
    44  * Verizon FiOS officially does not allow any incoming traffic, they reserve the right to disconnect you at any time for violation of this policy.  Users have run middleman nodes without any incidents from VZ.  Exit nodes with abuse problems have resulted in legal threats and disconnection threats, but no disconnection as of yet.