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    1414 * RoadRunner (TimeWarner) (USA): Very reliable service. Been running web server on 80 for several years. IP changes when cable modem reset (almost never for me). No ports blocked (that I know of). No BW limits, only speed caps. I've got 5Mbps down/384kbps up. Definitely recommend. Running Tor since Jan 06. -- MichaelAnsel
    1515 * [ Hetzner] are a German hosting provider with a number of Tor servers running on Dedicated Hosts. So far they appear to be tolerant of Tor services although no abuse has been reported to test this. --[wiki:Steve_Crook Steve Crook]
    16  * [ Ezzi]. Dedicated servers in the US. Great [ peering solutions]. Does not allow IRC, but does allow Tor-servers (five Tor-servers as of now are running on Ezzi hardware).
    1817ISPs we've had bad experiences with:
    2221 * The german ISP Xantron ended up killing the tor server process on my vServer. --SvenNeuhaus
    2322 * The german ISP EuServ / ISPro -- they just broke the contract, switching our Server off. -- [wiki:padeluun padeluun]
     23 * []. Running Tor was fine until Undernet mailed a complaint which falsely claimed Tor was somehow a "botnet". This made a [ very rude person at Ezzi] send a mail which falsely claimed the Tor servers were hacked and "It appears whoever caused this hacked the servers by brute forcing SSH logins and uploading a fake httpd binary and launching it.". This person kept on insisting the servers were hacked after being politely informed that Undernet had confused Tor traffic with a "botnet" and that the servers where not compromised in any way, so it's kind of hard to tell if the person was troublesome because the person did not understand what Tor is or if this person at Ezzi generally just imagines things and think they are part of reality. But it is clear that most ezzi customers [ become ex-customers after meeting this known-to-be-rude tech].
    2525== Phobos' research ==