Proposed Google Summer of Code 2012 projects:

To discuss these projects please visit the #https-everywhere channel on, or send a message to the mailing list

HTTPS Everywhere

  • [AMBITIOUS] Port HTTPS Everywhere to Android. Possibly by targetting mobile Firefox, although that seems like it might be quite difficult. Alternatively, by modding or building an alternative version of the mainline Android webkit browser to include HTTPS Everywhere's functionality. That is probably the better/easier way to go.
  • [MODERATELY AMBITIOUS] Build a testing system for HTTPS Everywhere using Selenium.
  • Bring the Chrome port towards feature parity with Firefox. Things that would need to be done should be made subtickets of this bug.
  • Make UI improvements to the Firefox (or Chrome) ports. For instance, #4967 (important but probably hard),#4886 (important), #3741, #5237, #3763.
  • Build a web-to-git interface to make it easier for causal HTTPS Everywhere ruleset authors to have their submissions reviewed and merged into git (a couple of ways to do this are discussed in this thread)

SSL Observatory

  • Work with dtauerbach and pde to add new kinds of X.509 certificate auditing to the Decentralized SSL Observatory. Use machine learning techniques to explore the data set and classify certificates.


  • Work with dtauerbach to release a robust version of TOSBack -- TOSBack 2.0 -- a crawler that collects and stores Terms Of Service's and other related documents around the web. Rules governing what documents to save and how to save them (e.g. with CSS, plain text) will be crowd sourced.
  • Make a user-friendly UI for TOSBack, ensuring only accurate TOS information is shown; integrate with other organizations doing similar projects to ensure there is a good user experience for looking at old TOSs.
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