How to put out a version of Tor

Here's Roger's release process, as written up in mid-2010.

  1. use it for a while. see if it has any bugs where every single user who tries it is going to report the bug. resolve those.
  2. gather the changes/* files into a changelog entry, rewriting many of them and reordering to focus on what users and funders would find interesting and understandable.
  3. bump the version number
  4. make dist, tell #tor about the tarball and see if anybody has problems building it.
  5. get at least two of weasel/arma/karsten to put the new version number in the approved versions list.
  6. sign and push the tarball, sign and push the tag
  7. edit include/versions.wmi to note the new version, rebuild and push the website
  8. optionally, tell andrew and helix that a new tarball is up
  9. After a few days, or sometimes longer depending on what packages we're still waiting for, compose a short release blurb to highlight the user-facing changes, and send it to or-talk. Insert said release blurb into the ChangeLog stanza too.
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