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    156156  '''From Anonymous (7/30/15): '''    [ DigitalOcean]     I sent a support ticket regarding hosting bridges and relays, they responded with it's allowed as long as I don't go over my bandwidth limitations.  However, they also said if I do, every gigabyte of bandwidth I go over will be charged 2 cents (0.02USD).  I have reached my maximum bandwidth allowed under my package, however, I am yet to receive any extra charge.  At the moment, I have used roughly 700 gigabytes over my 'allowed' bandwidth.  However, if I am charged it's cheaper to upgrade my package from $5.00/mo to $10.00/mo considering a terabyte of bandwidth costs $20.48 (1024x0.02=20.48) and the upgrading from $5.00/mo (1TB of bandwidth) to $10.00/mo (2TB of bandwidth) is cheaper.   From an economical to bandwidth standpoint, it makes more sense to run eight $5.00/mo relays than single $80.00/mo relay.  However, if you're running eight relays- ensure you limit the bandwidth usage to 1TB each relay, to avoid being overcharged (also, if you're running eight relays- thanks!  <3).  '''     '''
     158=== [ DreamHost] ===
     159  '''
     160> Hi Dreamhost. I'm a developer with the Tor project
     161> ( and happy dreamhost customer.
     163> Back in 2010 I asked for permission to run a middle-hop Tor relay.
     164> This kind of relay provide inter-network connectivity, so no chance
     165> of abuse complaints. Reply at the time was...
     167> ========================================
     169> Well when it comes to proxys and torrents they mess up our shared
     170> server and can be used for malicious activity. If proxys weere to be
     171> used a PS would be needed. As for torrents though we would not allow
     172> them to at all regardless. I apologize for the inconvenience that
     173> would cause and if you need anything else let me know and I will
     174> gladly help.
     176> Thanks!
     177> Mike G
     179> ========================================
     181> I suspect Mike was a little confused since I didn't ask anything
     182> about torrents. :P
     184> This all sounds perfectly fine. I got busy though so never followed
     185> through with setting up a relay. Now circling back to this and wanted
     186> to check: would running a tor middle-hop relay be alright? I've had a
     187> great experience hosting my sites with dreamhost and would love to
     188> use them for a VPS or dedicated server too.
     190> Seems worth checking in advance though since someone had a bad
     191> experience with dreamhost in 2011...
     195> ... and your AUP evidently disallows any sort of proxying...
     199> Would running a tor middle-hop relay be ok? If so, should I order a
     200> VPS or dedicated server?
     202> Thanks! -Damian
     206Thanks for getting in touch regarding this and I'll be happy to clarify
     209Unfortunately running a TOR relay is not permitted on our either our
     210shared or VPS servers.
     212That said you are free to run on one a dedicated server or on a
     213DreamCompute instance. The latter certainly being more cost effective.
     217I hope that helps a bit. If you need anything else or have any further
     218questions please let me know.
     221Christopher P
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