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    116116  '''From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):'''Good bandwidth, great uptime, excellent support, all around excellent  VPS provider.  However they questionable policies about Tor.  They  received one DMCA notice and despite the standard response, tell me VPS  will be disable with one more notification.  Still working this out.  -hRB Jan/2012
    118 === [ Cinipac] ===
    119   '''From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):'''Team Cinipac "allow on all server locations services like Tor/VPN/I2P  because we are supporting projects who safe the privacy like wikileaks,  Tor etc. We stand behind our customer and abuse will be forwarded to you  to take action. If you have problems, need help etc. just only contact  our Abuse/Law Department they will help you in this case. We do not  provide any kind of information to third parties. Our company locate in  Panama and we ignore court orders from other countries, because we think  privacy is an human right."
    121118=== [ CondoInternet ISP] ===
    122119  '''          From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):'''[ CondoInternet ISP] Only located in and around Seattle, WA, CondoInternet supports 100 Mbps ($60 /mo) and 1 Gpbs ($80 /mo) relays. They also  support exit routers so long as they don't receive many complaints,  being a small company. Last I heard from their NOC, I was the only one  on their network running an exit router. If you decide to run an exit  router, I highly encourage the use of the "reduced exit policy".  Allowing port 80 web traffic resulted in too many (malicious) complaints  and they asked for me to take the router offline. I complied by turning  it into a non-exit relay, but turned it back to an exit router using  the reduced exit policy a couple of months later, and I haven't received  any complaints yet. Just be nice and communicate openly with them, they  fully support the idea of Tor, but being a small company they can't  handle a lot of abuse complaints. I push as much as 30 TiB a month with a  single exit router since they have no data caps. They also provide  static /29 IPv4 networks, /64 IPv6 networks, and reverse DNS for a flat  $25 setup fee.