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ISP Correspondence

This page will be used to keep track of the correspondence between Tor activists and the ISPs that are reached out to. Actual summary information and tables should be kept to GoodBadISPs with this page updated whenever an email is sent out and/or a reply received.

A few rules to keep this page tidy:

  • If you have sent the ISP a standard letter produced elsewhere (for example the one produced by Torservers), rather than paste the entire email it may be more straightforward to simply link to the letter and state "Standard inquiry template sent"
  • Keep companies listed in alphabetical order regardless if they are considered good/bad
  • Date all correspondence clearly and who it was that sent it (pseudonyms are fine, just so we know who is doing what)



From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):Allows exit and regular relays on their VPS and dedicated servers (Coupon and proof they allow it Link ). They promise 1 Gbps unmetered but after trying them for a few weeks the maximum speed reached is between 10/20 Mbps. Compared to price this is not expensive. (bbln, 07/21/2014) Update 2014-10-15 Contacted ISP by e-mail and they didn't seem to know what a Tor node was, telling me vaguely that it had to "comply with the AUP." Expect difficulty if you run an exit node and get abuse reports.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):Amazon Web Services (AWS) (hosting) allows customers to run any non-exit of Tor servers provided any abuse complaints are handled in a timely manner. This enables Tor volunteers to run Tor Cloudservers on AWS.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (23 February 2016) from Mr. Christian Spicker (spickerc@…) wrote (via e-mail) "[sic!] Hallo Herr Kühl,

ich habe für Sie Informationen zu TOR-Nodes eingeholt. Die Antwort bezieht sich auf offene Netzwerk Services, d.h. auch TOR. Nach unserer Auslegung der AWS Nutzungsbedingungen ist die Erstellung eines TOR-Netzwerks leider nicht gestattet, bzw. stellt einen Verstoß gegen unsere Nutzungsbedingungen dar.

Hier die direkte Antwort in Englisch (AUP = acceptable use policy):

Even assuming no Illegal content is accessed, noting the section of the AUP for "No Network Abuse" which says - Prohibited activities include: * Operation of Certain Network Services. Operating network services like open proxies, open mail relays, or open recursive domain name servers. ... I'd think that a Tor exit node is effectively an Open Proxy - anyone can connect via it (Open) and it then makes requests on their behalf (Proxy) ... and therefore would be in breach of the AUP.

Ich hoffe, ich konnte Ihnen weiterhelfen.



Inside Account Manager | Amazon Web Services GmbH

Domagkstr. 28 | D-80807 München

email: spickerc@…

Amazon Web Services

Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History!

Amazon Web Services Germany GmbH Krausenstr. 38 10117 Berlin Geschaeftsfuehrer: Ralf Herbrich, Jonathan Weiss Ust-ID: DE260996625 Eingetragen am Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRB 114708 B"


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):Allows Tor as long you comply with their TOS, but in reality, i have not any problems for years.


Quoted from an email from abuse@… on 7/8/15: "We have had to decide that TOR falls underneath the 'Proxy Scripts/Anonymizer' section of what is disallowed on our hosting plans as per <> . As such, we can not host TOR exit nodes, and that specific wording will be added to our TOS before too long."

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):(hosting) Openly and respectfully state that while they dont permit a Tor exit on shared hosting accounts, you are very welcome to run one on a VPS account. 6/19/2013


(quoted from two separate emails - permission was granted to quote directly)

"Unfortunately at this time we do not allow for any TOR use."


"Currently, we do not allow exit or non-exit Tor relays.

While our Cloud Engineers fully understand Tor, the differences in relay types, and that exit relays would/cloud potentially bring us the most hassle as a Cloud Hosting Provider, we are simply trying to not help/enable malicious users from employing the Tor network to do something that might be illegal and prefer to not deal with the possibility that our company may attract the attention of law enforcement agencies.

That being said, we often revisit our policies and may allow non-exit Tor relays at some point in the future."


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):Axigy is a superb Tor hoster. Handles abuse perfectly. Ask for custom quote.


From GoodBadISP original:

  • Quoting Nick from the team: "Yes hosting tor relays is allowed, however depending on the VPS you choose you'll probably want to enforce a speed limit"
  • I've asked their support and I got a negative answer (4/2012): "We used to allow Tor on our nodes, but unfortunately we have had some issues with our datacenter (Hetzner) in terms of AUP and such. Sorry but we cannot allow anything tor-related anymore."
  • That's sad but understandable. This policy likely means "no new Tor relays". I had some problems with abuse this month (5/2012), and they said it's fine for now but if they see too much abuse they would ask me to switch to a non-exit node. Still counts as a good experience as Nick seems to be very understanding of Tor.
  • No longer allows exits at all. Middle relays are fine.
  • Tried to sign up for VPS for non tor related purpose, was informed that when doing a "fraud check", they found my email associated with Tor. I asked for a refund.
  • I've had a good experience running a relay at Afterburst for several months now. Exits are no longer allowed and fair usage applies to your speed. I set off their proactive network monitoring for too many outgoing connections to destination port 22. They were easy to work with. After showing this was Tor relay traffic I haven't had any issues since. (07/2014)



From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):Blacklotus allows Tor exits and has (quote management) "pretty liberal abuse handling policies"

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):BuyVM.netLow cost and "good" bandwidth limit. Tor exit nodes were once allowed but no longer (per their Acceptable Use PolicyRelay nodes are fine.

  • Exit nodes are okay again. Owner requests that you reject standard e-mail ports for exit nodes. Seemed perhaps willing to allow more liberal exit policies on a case-by-case basis.


"We don't allow exit nodes since our datacenter doesn't like them, relays are ok to run." support@… 10/25/15


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):has graciously allowed me to run a Tor relay for over a year and a half with no problems. They actually run their own relay named 'gigatux'. Customer support has been very good as well, and they have helped me handle two abuse complaints admirably. They also offer servers in the US, Germany, and Israel. -Blackpaw


Catalyst Host

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):I bought a very cheap, reasonably powerful VPS from them through a Low End Box special. I then made the dubious decision of running an exit node on it without asking. Upon receiving a set of port-scanning abuse complaints they were very upset, but agreed to let me use the server as a non-exit relay. It's been running smoothly and quickly for two months now. (Oct. 2014)


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):Good bandwidth, great uptime, excellent support, all around excellent VPS provider. However they questionable policies about Tor. They received one DMCA notice and despite the standard response, tell me VPS will be disable with one more notification. Still working this out. -hRB Jan/2012

CondoInternet ISP

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):CondoInternet ISP Only located in and around Seattle, WA, CondoInternet supports 100 Mbps ($60 /mo) and 1 Gpbs ($80 /mo) relays. They also support exit routers so long as they don't receive many complaints, being a small company. Last I heard from their NOC, I was the only one on their network running an exit router. If you decide to run an exit router, I highly encourage the use of the "reduced exit policy". Allowing port 80 web traffic resulted in too many (malicious) complaints and they asked for me to take the router offline. I complied by turning it into a non-exit relay, but turned it back to an exit router using the reduced exit policy a couple of months later, and I haven't received any complaints yet. Just be nice and communicate openly with them, they fully support the idea of Tor, but being a small company they can't handle a lot of abuse complaints. I push as much as 30 TiB a month with a single exit router since they have no data caps. They also provide static /29 IPv4 networks, /64 IPv6 networks, and reverse DNS for a flat $25 setup fee.


emailed support via their contact page , 'Niko Viskari' replied stating that Creanova allows Tor exit nodes. haven't personally hosted with them yet, i will update this page when i've purchased one of their servers. their VPS plans have reasonable prices and unmetered bandwidth on 100mb/s port speed. -- syndikal 24/03/2015


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): ;Cyberonic is now on the COVAD backbone, so you should be able to get service from them anywhere you could get other COVAD-based service. They offer 6.0m/768kbps at $59/month, w/ a static IP. Can't recall ever having downtime due to them and their TOS only restrict Email relay servers (and that's probably only enforced if you have complaints). All other servers ok. If you sign up, tell 'em brianwc sent you and I think I get a free month. -- BrianC



From surveillance104 (6/30/26): DataClub I sent a support ticket about"build any kind tor service on vps,include tor exit nodes,tor middle relays and tor bridges". And their respond is:"We don't restrict use tor in our servers." Original text are in bellow:

Urgency: High Service: - Can i build some tor service?

You 30.06.2016 13:55 Can i build some tor service on my own vps like:tor exit node,tor relay and tor bridge? If you allow me to build those service, what should i prepared? If you don't allow me to build,just talk me directly. Thanks You :)

Administrator 30.06.2016 15:38 Hi, We don't restrict use tor in our servers. Thanks

You 30.06.2016 16:01 Thank you :) You 30.06.2016 16:10 The ticket is marked as completed.


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): DigitalOcean I asked them if a non-exit relay is allowed, they said yes, but answered a big NO about exit relays. I then started running 3 relays, and everything is going fine. Doesn't charge for bandwith overusage (yet, will update this when they do). But don't start pushing 30TB a month, use like 2x your allowed bandwith.

From Anonymous (7/30/15): DigitalOcean I sent a support ticket regarding hosting bridges and relays, they responded with it's allowed as long as I don't go over my bandwidth limitations. However, they also said if I do, every gigabyte of bandwidth I go over will be charged 2 cents (0.02USD). I have reached my maximum bandwidth allowed under my package, however, I am yet to receive any extra charge. At the moment, I have used roughly 700 gigabytes over my 'allowed' bandwidth. However, if I am charged it's cheaper to upgrade my package from $5.00/mo to $10.00/mo considering a terabyte of bandwidth costs $20.48 (1024x0.02=20.48) and the upgrading from $5.00/mo (1TB of bandwidth) to $10.00/mo (2TB of bandwidth) is cheaper. From an economical to bandwidth standpoint, it makes more sense to run eight $5.00/mo relays than single $80.00/mo relay. However, if you're running eight relays- ensure you limit the bandwidth usage to 1TB each relay, to avoid being overcharged (also, if you're running eight relays- thanks! <3).


Hi Dreamhost. I'm a developer with the Tor project ( and happy dreamhost customer.

Back in 2010 I asked for permission to run a middle-hop Tor relay. This kind of relay provide inter-network connectivity, so no chance of abuse complaints. Reply at the time was...


Well when it comes to proxys and torrents they mess up our shared server and can be used for malicious activity. If proxys weere to be used a PS would be needed. As for torrents though we would not allow them to at all regardless. I apologize for the inconvenience that would cause and if you need anything else let me know and I will gladly help.

Thanks! Mike G


I suspect Mike was a little confused since I didn't ask anything about torrents. :P

This all sounds perfectly fine. I got busy though so never followed through with setting up a relay. Now circling back to this and wanted to check: would running a tor middle-hop relay be alright? I've had a great experience hosting my sites with dreamhost and would love to use them for a VPS or dedicated server too.

Seems worth checking in advance though since someone had a bad experience with dreamhost in 2011...

... and your AUP evidently disallows any sort of proxying...

Would running a tor middle-hop relay be ok? If so, should I order a VPS or dedicated server?

Thanks! -Damian


Thanks for getting in touch regarding this and I'll be happy to clarify things...

Unfortunately running a TOR relay is not permitted on our either our shared or VPS servers.

That said you are free to run on one a dedicated server or on a DreamCompute instance. The latter certainly being more cost effective.

I hope that helps a bit. If you need anything else or have any further questions please let me know.

Regards, Christopher P


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14) is a Tor-friendly ISP that already has a 20Mbit Tor Exit Node hosted there. Their services are a bit pricey, but they have excellent peering, and offer a "Cheap-Net" option to give you bandwidth at a little less than half of their listed prices (~$20/Mbit).


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):Evolucix is a low cost VPS provider. They offer TUN/TAP extensions on top of OpenVZ to provide VPN capabilities. They are fine with bridges and relays but due to the US regulations running exit nodes can be tricky. Great service from my experience.


Future Hosting

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):Future Hosting allowed me to run a Tor exit relay for 9 months. They fielded 24 DCMA notices. Then they asked me to disable Tor. (Sept 2014)




(2016-12-05) I contacted Hetzner before hand to confirm that Tor exit nodes are allowed, and I was told that exit nodes are permitted on the condition that the operator uses a dedicated machine and responds to abuse complaints in a timely manner. Within 3 days, my machine had generated 69 abuse complaints, and I was told that this is unacceptably high and that my server would be blocked. I had to change it from an exit node to a relay.

The abuses in question included p2p sharing as well as hacking such as accessing pages like "/../../../wp-admin.php". Abuse complaints of the latter form happened several times per day which given that requests are processed manually by Hetzner staff (or so they say), even an exit policy that allows only 53/80/443 will likely generate enough complaints to anger the staff.

The servers are very cheap, so I would recommend them from bridges or relays, but not for exit nodes.


(2016-15-13) HostGator Acceptable Use Policy lists "Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers" as Unacceptable Material. A chat with HostGator support confirmed that HostGator resources are not permitted to be used in any way for TOR.


From GoodBadISP Original (05/01/16): HostHatch allowed Tor bridges and Tor Relay. But Tor exits, however, not allowed.Their provide both KVM vps and Openvz vps. And their VPS location and ISP are: Amsterdam, NL - Equinix Telecity Southeast AMS 5 , Stockholm, SE - Västberga Datacenter , Los Angeles, US - Telecom Center LA , Hong Kong - Pacnet and Sydney, AU - Equinix IBX SY3 Data Center.


"Sorry , we don't allow exit nodes." (Oct. 16, 2014)

Non-exit relays are, however, allowed.



From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): Inerail ISP/Hosting provider that allows Tor exit relays. Found the staff to be reasonably security conscious. All they asked was that I keep up with any abuse complaints. Service was a little pricey, but very reliable, I was able to do 100+ Mbps of traffic. Tor not permitted on virtual servers - colo/dedicated only.


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): Some BSA-notice regarding Torrents arrived, they informed me and told me to stop this "illegal activities" and said, after reading and (at least it seems so) understanding my reply explaining Tor with "ok, we won't interfere, your problem".


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): IPXcore allows non-exit nodes.




From GoodBadISP Original: 2014-10-15 ISP has re-confirmed by e-mail that exit nodes are acceptable.


Luna Node

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): Luna Node Fine with Tor relays, good bandwidth & cheap. Exit nodes explicitly prohibited . (May, 2014)



I asked sometime in early 2016 whether or not Tor exit nodes were permitted. I explained clearly that exit nodes could result in abuse traffic, and that I would be willing to take care of the abuse traffic. They responded, in somewhat broken english:



However, my VPS, which were hosted in Moldova, was subsequently suspended after a honeypot caught it trying to brute force a WordPress installation. I eventually managed to get the VPS running again under the condition that I run only a non-exit relay. Maxided has a large number of servers (both dedicated and virtualized) in many parts of the world, and they're known for being extremely liberal with their abuse handling on their higher end servers. Given that they have options specifically for Xrumer (a popular email harvester and forum spambot), it's likely that they'd allow Tor exit relays if you pay them enough. My $7 VPS just wasn't going to cut it.

I plan to buy a new VPS in another country from them, and run a relay with a reduced-exit policy. If that works out any better, I'll update this section.


Asked the following questions on 09/13/16:


I thinking about purchasing a VPS from you to run TOR, but had a few questions.
1) I see you use KVM. Are all VPSes KVM?
2) Do you allow TOR? If so, what about bridges, relays, and exits?
3) Do you offer Bitcoin payments?
4) Is the transfer cap per month really unlimited?
5) What link speed does each VPS have? 100Mbps or 1Gbps?

With your permission, I&#39;d like to add this info to the TOR wiki page.


Received the following response:


Thank you for contacting us.

All our VPSes are KVM based.
We allow TOR bridges and relays. Tor exits are prohibited because of lot of abuse e-mails.
We accept Bitcoin payments.
Traffic is unlimited.
Each VPS has guaranteed 100mbps.
You can add us to the TOR wiki page.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at anytime.


Netcologne (german ISP)

Question to support: "Guten Tag. Ich werde aus ihre allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen nicht schlau.

Darf ich nun ganz normal nach aktueller Rechtslage in Deutschland erlaubte Sachen wie zum Beispiel ein freies WLAN für die Allgemeinheit zur verfügung stellen oder am Tor Netzwerk (z.B. einen Tor Exit node nach TMG(Telemediengesetz) betreiben) wenn ich bei Netcologne Kunde bin?

Ihre Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen helfen da nicht wirklich weiter bei dieser Frage. Die Antwort darauf ist mir jedoch wichtig bevor ich einen Internetanschluss bei Ihnen buche.

grüße" (20.06.2017)

Answer from support:

"Guten Tag Herr Anonymus,

vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.

Bezüglich Ihrer Anfrage verweisen wir auf unsere Leistungbeschreibungen Punkt 3.1 sowie 3.5.1

Grundsätzlich ist das Betreiben eines TOR Servers erlaubt, sofern sich die Nutzung auf die in Deutschland oder der EU geltenden gesetzlichen Regularien hält. Bitte beachen Sie, dass wir bei einem Rechtsbruch ermittelnden Behörden selbstverständlich zur Auskunft verpflichtet sind.

Das Betreiben eines Freifunk Servers ist ebenfalls erlaubt, sofern Sie den Anschluss oder den Zugang nicht entgeltlich an Dritte vermieten

Besondere Nutzungsbeschränkungen 3.1 Neben den allgemeinen Nutzungsbeschränkungen gemäß Ziff. 4.6 der AGB darf der Kunde das Netz von NetCologne weder zur Schädigung bzw. Beeinträchtigung anderer Netzteilnehmer oder Internetdienste noch sonst wettbewerbswidrig nutzen. Insbesondere hat der Kunde folgende Handlungen zu unterlassen:

unaufgefordertes Versenden von Nachrichten mit werbenden Inhalten über E-Mail, Massenfax, Usenet, Internet-Relay-Chat oder andere Chat-Varianten, Webforen oder ähnliche Dienste an Dritte, missbräuchliches Posting von Nachrichten in Newsgroups zu Werbezwecken (Spam Verbot) bzw. ungezielte oder unsachgemäße Verbreitung von Daten auf sonstige Weise (z. B. Verbot der Blockade fremder Rechner), unbefugtes Eindringen in fremde Rechnersysteme (Hacking/DoS-Attacken), Durchsuchung eines Netzwerkes nach offenen Ports, also Zugängen zu Rechnersystemen (Port Scanning), fehlerhafte Konfiguration von Serverdiensten (wie insbesondere Proxy-, News-, Mail- und Werbedienste), die zum unbeabsichtigten Replizieren von Daten führen (Dupes, Mail Replaying), das Fälschen von Mail- und Newsheadern sowie von IP-Adressen (IP-Spooning), das Verwenden von gefälschten Webseiten (Phishing), soweit möglich, das Verbreiten von Computerviren, -würmern, Trojanern u. Ä.,sonstige, vergleichbare Aktivitäten.

Besondere Nutzungsbeschränkungen 3.5.1

Hinweise zu WLAN Im Rahmen der WLAN-Technik besteht ferner die Gefahr, dass Dritte unberechtigt über den WLAN-Router des Kunden in das Internet gehen und über den Anschluss des Kunden Straftaten oder Urheberrechtsverletzungen begehen oder entgeltpflichtige Leistungen abrufen können. Der Kunde ist dafür allein verantwortlich und kann dafür haftbar gemacht werden. Es ist daher dringend zu empfehlen, dass der Kunde die vom Hersteller des WLAN-Routers und der WLAN-Empfangsgeräte vorgesehene Möglichkeit der Verschlüsselung wählt und bei Passwörtern auch Sonderzeichen einsetzt. Auch dies begründet keinen absoluten Schutz. Dies gilt ebenso für WLAN-fähige Router, die der Kunde von NetCologne erworben hat.

Wir hoffen, wir konnten Ihre Fragen beantworten.

Freundliche Grüße

NetCologne GmbH i.A. Thomas Heibach"



"We do however allow a Tor relay to be active on your server. Though it is at your own risk a peril, if illegal use is being made on your Server, your VPS may be terminated." (Dec 31, 2014)

Non-exit relays allowed on VPS, Exit relays at your own peril (sounds like they'd likely get terminated eventually)



"That type of service is not permitted on any pair managed service. Please review the following as far as pairCLOUD servers." (2016-05-21) -snarfed

PhoenixNap / Secured Servers

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): PhoenixNap / Secured Servers Got the OK to run a middle-relay but a firm no on exit relays. I was told that if our account starts generating DMCA complaints, our service may be terminated. No issues though, and I've had wonderful experiences with support. Gigabit connections, 15TB bandwidth cap on many dedicated packages comes standard. (~rannmann, August 2014)

Have had 5 abuse complaints come from them that look like the following:

Hi XXX, 

An abuse ticket has been submitted with details as described in the mail. 
We request you to take necessary action to resolve the abuse within 24 hours. 
If no action is taken within 24 hours we will NULL the IP. 

Following are the details of the ticket submitted:  
< Insert incoming email abuse complaint here> 

Send standard 'This is a TOR node.' response and receive:


Thanks for the update, I am  closing this ticket.

Thanks and Regards 
< Tech name here >,  
< Tech title >




"We strictly forbid tor exits for various reasons including the fact that we dont want any possible equipment seized (it does happen), subpoenas (and other legal requests), as well as the fact that it'll cause our IP ranges to end up in blacklists of various sorts and cause issues for other users.

As such you cannot host that here." (Nov. 3, 2014)


Server Complete

Stated in a person email in November 2014 that they do not allow exit nodes. -mmcc


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14):Softlayer allows for customized WHOIS, reverse DNS from their portal, and they are an utility provider. They have dedicated servers and cloud instances (Hourly or monthly billed). They come with 3,000 GB bandwidth standard, if you get a dedicated box. You can pick Dallas, Seattle, Washington D.C., and San Jose for server locations. By the end of the year (2011), you will also be able to run nodes in Europe and Asia as well. You may remember these guys: ThePlanet .com merged with SoftLayer in late 2010.


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): Slicehost/Rackspace (a hosting provider, not an ISP) allows running Tor on their servers, but if anybody downloads copyrighted material illegally through Tor, that's a ToS violation. I had an issue with a DMCA (copyright violation) notice triggered by Tor activity exiting through my server, and I had to agree to block the port on which the material was downloaded for them to let me continue running the exit relay. Setting an ExitPolicy that only allows certain ports is probably smart if you don't want to get into trouble. Otherwise, the service is great; each server gets guaranteed 10 Mbps, and the network has never been down in the 6 months I've been a customer. Plans start at US $20/month, reasonably cheap as these things go. Update: 3 March 2010: Approach with caution. I'd love to move my exit node to Slicehost, but after trading several e-mails with a Greg in technical support, I could not get a straight answer about whether Tor complies with the company's AUP. Greg's response when pushed: "Again, we do not recommend this service to be run on our platform. If you have any other questions, please let us know." -- EricB


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): Sh3lls says their dedicated servers can be used for anything legal, as long as the customer handles abuse they're fine. As of December 4, 2013, Sh3lls notified me that my exit node will be terminated due to "excessive complaints", despite the fact that I've handled every notice brought to my attention and I'm running a restricted exit policy. is no longer an exit node friendly ISP.


Contacted them regarding Tor, they didn't list it in their terms. Their response was "Thanks so much for taking the time to inquire about Tor before hand. We do allow it. Just be sure to keep an eye on your bandwidth usage so that you don't go over and incur overage fees. It's easy to monitor your bandwidth usage via the SolarSystem." Tor exit, and Tor relays are ok, just be sure to contact them before hand to let them know your intentions of running a tor node.


Tailored VPS

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): Tailored VPS has a blog post about hosting Tor relays so I assumed they allow hosting one. Been their member since late January 2012. Good experience so far. -> I can confirm they are quite tor-tolerant (even exit nodes). They ask you to deal with the abuse letters they forward you, and may ask to add an exit policy to the "victim"'s IP as a precaution. Not the cheapest, but they play nice with Tor relays. Tailored VPS was bought out in January 2014 by Front Range Hosting , whose acceptable use policy specifically disallows Tor exits.




From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): VPS6.NET Tor initially allowed. Been hosting for an exit a couple of days there (also very nice support team!). - December 2012: They are now more strict about Tor. Middle nodes should be fine. However, if planning to host an exit, you might want to check if your desired exit policy is fine with them.

From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): Windows VPS provider who allows to install Tor on their VPS Servers. I'm their customer for few months and ask them to install Tor and get positive answer. They allow to install all applications which are legal and don't abuse others. Also when you make order you will get dedicated IP address. Also their support is full managed who always help to solve your problem's and issue's.


From GoodBadISP Original (10/19/14): Vultr They do not prohibit any lawful software/service from running, so running a Tor relay, or Tor exit is fine. Make sure to keep port 25 blocked, they have a tough policy on spam emails (port 25 is blocked by Vultr by default). Also, let them know your running one, and let them know your tor configuration, and they will work with you should any issues come up. From GoodBadISP Original (2017-04-10): Vultr "Running any kind of TOR network is strictly prohibited on our platform. We appreciate your understanding" From a support email.



After running a non-exit-relay for almost a year: "jelikož na vašem VPS funguje TOR server, kvůli kterému blacklisty blokují celý rozsah, tak jsme byli nuceni omezit na vašem VPS určité porty, pro odebrání celého "C" rozsahu z blacklistu. Aplikovali jsme na to v tomto případě politiku "sectoor TOR blacklist", viz. níže:". Translation: "because there is a TOR server running on your VPS causing the whole IP range to be blacklisted, we were forced to limit certain ports on your VPS to remove the whole "C" range from the blacklist. In this case we applied the approach of the "sectoor TOR blacklist", see below:" (July 10, 2015)

After running exit-node for ~ 3.5 month: "we have received another reports about outgoing attacks from your server. Your VPS is now disconnected, until you create preventive steps against these attacks." I switched to non-exit-relay (10/11/2015)



Statement from Pete Ashdown, Xmission's CEO, taken from email correspondence: "Customers can run Tor nodes, but have to be responsible for responding to all the abuse notices we'll forward to them." When asked "does that include exit nodes as well?", Pete responded "Yes". They also run an exit node of their own, which can be found at (2015/01/28)


Policy regarding Tor (translation): They allow both exits and relays on their DSL and fiber connections. No ports are blocked if the operator configures the port filter to allow all traffic (level 0). Abuse can still still result in temporary blockades, therefore XS4ALL recommends to set a descriptive PTR record, configure Tor with an working e-mail address and use an dedicated IP address. They allow exits, but recommended setting a reduced exit policy and exit notice.



Statement from one of their operators, received by ticket system (12/23/14): Client:" Hello, Its that true " exit nodes are acceptable, but with "strict" exit node policies." ? How much strict is it, which ports you allow(how many)? source:" Yourserver: "Hello, We would not recommend you launching TOR exit node. TOR relay would be Ok." Client: "Hi, Sorry but your answer was not clear to me. Why you do not recommend?(this means that you do not allow?) This is the position of the company? Can I publish your answer in the quoted source? Thank you." Yourserver: "Well, there have been plenty of complaints about TOR exit nodes generating large amounts of abuse reports. If you manage to keep your Exit Policy strict there won't be any problems, but leaving everything open isn't the best idea. Hope it helps."

Update (03/06/15), received by e-mail from one of their operators, after received two complaints in the same month: "Hello, Your TOR exit node generates too many complaints. Please stop it or we will have to suspend that server. Thank you for understanding."

i registered a swedish server in may 2014, set it with the most open exit policy. within two months they received a portscan complaint and suspended my server until i responded to a ticket. received another about 3 months later, permanent suspension of VPS (with 6 months left on plan). -- syndikal 24/03/2015