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    WARNING - Do NOT use JanusVM ( - WARNING



    • Roger Dingledine said, that "JanusVM is not safe", reference:
    • the JanusVM developers are currently inactive
    • latest JanusVM release is from Jan-2010, but Tor was updated and advised to update afterwards, JanusVM does therefore not include the most current version of Tor
    • as soon as VPN breaks down for any reason all open programs will continue to use your normal non-torified internet connection and therefore leak your IP
    • with a proper configuration no dns leak fix on VPN-client would be necessary
    • JanusVM uses Open Source software but does not release it's source code or how to build it


    • there are no direct reasons to distrust JanusVM or it's developers
    • there are no signs that JanusVM or it's developers are evil, they just seam to be away, in future this project might maybe see new light
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