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    2323|| #21354 || Make Onionoo more memory-efficient || iwakeh and karsten should discuss whether it‘s worth making smaller changes now, and then either make them or close as wontfix ||
    2424|| #21365 || Investigate whether descriptor parsing is guaranteed to be thread-safe || iwakeh might be able to say whether Java 8 streams will indirectly solve this issue for us ||
    25 || #21658 || Do not attempt to plot graphs when the actual request for bandwidth data failed || irl is the natural person to do this, but maybe karsten or iwakeh can help by providing a slightly broken Onionoo instance with test data ||
    2625|| #21701 || Make it clearer that graphs showing bridge users by country and by country and transport are not the same || karsten should come up with some text to make it clearer what graphs are about, or alternatively change the start graph for by country and transport to something else ||
    2726|| #21883 || Perform one-off analysis for number of relays a bwauth decided the median for || karsten should review tom‘s graphs and comment on whether they are what we were looking for ||