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The following tickets all have the "metrics-2017" keyword, meaning that the Metrics team is trying to resolve them within 2017.

This is a temporary wiki page to make sure we can resolve all or most of these tickets by the end of 2017. It will be deleted in January 2018.

Ticket Summary Next steps
#13562 Add more detailed logging to backend and frontend components karsten might be a good person to do this
#16225 Unify exception/error handling in metrics-lib iwakeh and karsten should discuss what work remains here
#16513 Make writing of the out/ directory from the status/ directory deterministic karsten has a local branch that needs testing and review and maybe tweaking before iwakeh can review it
#17488 ExoneraTor hangs forever on old known-positive test karsten should ask Sebastian for his latest schema improvements and adapt and include them, which is a medium-sized project in itself
#19282 Avoid truncating descriptors while storing them iwakeh might look into this as part of moving the persistence layer forward
#19754 Restructure metrics-web backend iwakeh might be a good person to do this, as they worked on most tickets related to build process or project structure
#20053 Plan refactoring of metrics-web modules iwakeh should say what part of this ticket is actionable, rather than a general statement that we need to make this code better, and maybe we should narrow down scope or resolve as not being actionable
#20234 Add CollecTor's file-structure protocol karsten should do another, very careful review together with #20287 before this goes online
#20287 Perform another review of CollecTor's file protocol and fix any remaining differences to the code karsten should review this together with #20234
#20325 Perform available space check using the partition recent is located on iwakeh should revisit this ticket to see if this is still an actual issue and ideally come up with a small patch
#20430 Define common log levels karsten should work on this in the context of #20540
#20540 Define common log levels for all Java codebases karsten should sit down and rewrite log statements for an entire code base (to ensure consistency) for review by iwakeh
#20546 Implement CleanUtils class for common file system operations iwakeh should say whether the existing patch is useful or not and suggest next steps
#20549 Implement SanitizedBridgeServerDescriptor class that encapsulates the sanitizing logic for bridge server descriptors iwakeh should review karsten‘s branch
#20983 Stop sanitizing contact information from bridge descriptors karsten should start a tor-dev@ thread and ask whether this is okay to do
#21087 Separate truncated descriptor(s) from next complete descriptor karsten should investigate further and provide a patch
#21354 Make Onionoo more memory-efficient iwakeh and karsten should discuss whether it‘s worth making smaller changes now, and then either make them or close as wontfix
#21365 Investigate whether descriptor parsing is guaranteed to be thread-safe iwakeh might be able to say whether Java 8 streams will indirectly solve this issue for us
#21701 Make it clearer that graphs showing bridge users by country and by country and transport are not the same karsten should come up with some text to make it clearer what graphs are about, or alternatively change the start graph for by country and transport to something else
#21883 Perform one-off analysis for number of relays a bwauth decided the median for karsten should review tom‘s graphs and comment on whether they are what we were looking for
#21933 Fix deserialization of UTF-8 characters in details statuses and documents karsten should look more at the code and test some things
#22261 Remove the $ from family fingerprints karsten needs to include a change log entry and merge this by end of November or early December
#22428 Add webstats module iwakeh is going to work on this after #23243
#22488 Include relay version listed in consensus in addition to platform line from server descriptor karsten should write a relatively short patch for this, maybe together with the other version-related feature requests
#22512 Add enums for keywords used in exit lists, Torperf measurement results, bridge pool assignments, and soon sanitized web logs iwakeh would be a good person to prepare a patch, and karsten would be good to review, tweak, and merge that
#22583 Replace code where we iterate over a directory using a Stack with FileVisitor karsten or iwakeh might go through the code, identify places where we iterate over a directory, and write and test patches
#22674 Consider changing instance methods to static methods karsten should track down what we merged, and then karsten or iwakeh should write a patch that changes methods in all code bases
#22678 Look into existing Java Collections classes as replacement for BlockingIteratorImpl iwakeh might be able to say whether we still need this after doing Java 8 improvements or not
#22834 Decide what to do with UnparseableDescriptors while synchronizing from another instance iwakeh should review karsten‘s idea on #23421 to store any descriptor received from another CollecTor instance if only the publication time and a few other fields can be parsed
#22983 Add a Descriptor subinterface and implementation for Tor web server logs iwakeh is going to work on this after #23243
#22990 Add a heartbeat log message indicating progress and estimated time left iwakeh said they‘ll work on this, but karsten could do that as well
#23046 Add sub-interface LogDescriptor.LogLine (and the extension to WebServerAccessLogLine) iwakeh is going to work on this after #23243 and the related implementation tickets are resolved
#23169 Explain why metrics are important and what we do to make sure they're safe irl might be a good person to take this one, because he is most in contact with our users via his Atlas work and because he might be less biased by not knowing all the implementation details of the other metrics code bases yet
#23285 Provide an index.json file on Tor Metrics containing stats files iwakeh should review this idea and might have ideas for producing the new index.json file without rewriting existing code
#23348 Update all documentation markdown files iwakeh might be able to write a patch that karsten then reviews
#23421 Use persistence functionality throughout all modules iwakeh and karsten will discuss this more
#23518 Turn Atlas into page on Tor Metrics irl and karsten should sit down and discuss possible technical issues
#23544 Add recommended_version parameter karsten should write a patch for this which is probably rather simple
#23549 Move ExoneraTorServlet to metrics-web karsten should ask around whether a stand-alone ExoneraTor is something that people want, and then we can decide about next steps
#23752 Use Java 8 features in all of Metrics' Java products (Summary ticket) iwakeh should suggest a plan for when to make what changes together with karsten
#24028 Provide a modernized API for metrics-lib iwakeh is going to work on a prototype, but this is a non-trivial amount of work
#24222 Adapt Metrics-Web to using metrics-base iwakeh works on this together with ExoneraTor changes

The table of the current state of 'metrics-2017' tickets for reference:

Status: closed (26 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Modified
#22261 Remove the $ from family fingerprints closed karsten 22 months ago
#23544 Add recommended_version parameter closed metrics-team 23 months ago
#21658 Do not attempt to plot graphs when the actual request for bandwidth data failed closed irl 2 years ago
#22037 Rename the Properties subsection closed irl 2 years ago
#13354 Switch to another set of country flags that has the right color for the French flag closed irl 2 years ago
#15508 Make uptime sorting numeric and take the actual unit into account closed irl 2 years ago
#24174 Use an embedded Jetty in ExoneraTor closed iwakeh 2 years ago
#23243 Write a specification for Tor web server logs closed metrics-team 2 years ago
#22147 Add Onionoo's exit_addresses field closed irl 2 years ago
#22185 Add red unmeasured icon to properties closed irl 2 years ago
#23510 Filters in search results table always return no results closed irl 2 years ago
#23522 Improve tooltip on DNS name field (and maybe title) closed irl 2 years ago
#21615 Use hashed fingerprint in all lookups closed irl 2 years ago
#21146 Adapt Metrics-Web to using metrics-base closed iwakeh 2 years ago
#20412 Skip bad archived descriptors rather than aborting the entire import closed metrics-team 2 years ago
#23587 userstats-bridge-transport.html says that bridge users come from counting requests (not responses) closed metrics-team 2 years ago
#22193 Add HTML IDs to Onionoo's protocol page for direct referencing closed metrics-team 2 years ago
#21751 Use multiple threads to parse descriptors closed metrics-team 2 years ago
#19873 Re-evaluate module configuration and logging with regard to operation closed iwakeh 2 years ago
#19611 Make all Metrics Java projects confirm to guidelines closed metrics-team 2 years ago
#21145 Adapt ExoneraTor to using metrics-base closed iwakeh 2 years ago
#19640 Review and improve interface hierarchy closed iwakeh 2 years ago
#19624 Comply to Metrics Java style guide closed iwakeh 2 years ago
#23597 Correct links in metrics-lib overview page. closed iwakeh 2 years ago
#21414 Include currently running software versions in responses (, and on the website ( closed metrics-team 2 years ago
#15846 Publish (hashes of) historic Onionoo details documents closed metrics-team 2 years ago