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     3== Intro to Next Gen Onion Services ==
     5Tor now supports the next-generation onion services protocol for clients and
     6services! As part of this release, the core of proposal 224 has been
     7implemented and is available for experimentation and testing by our users. This
     8newer version of onion services ("v3") features many improvements over the
     9legacy system, including:
     11a) Better crypto (replaced SHA1/DH/RSA1024  with SHA3/ed25519/curve25519)
     13b) Improved directory protocol, leaking much less information to directory servers.
     15c) Improved directory protocol, with smaller surface for targeted attacks.
     17d) Better onion address security against impersonation.
     19e) More extensible introduction/rendezvous protocol.
     21f) A cleaner and more modular codebase.
     23You can identify a next-generation onion address by its length: they are 56
     24characters long, as in
     27In the future, we will release more options and features for v3 onion services,
     28but we first need a testing period, so that the current codebase matures and
     29becomes more robust. Planned features include: offline keys, advanced client
     30authorization, improved guard algorithms, and statistics. For full details, see
     31proposal 224.
     33Legacy ("v2") onion services will still work for the foreseeable future, and
     34will remain the default until this new codebase gets tested and
     35hardened. Service operators who want to experiment with the new system can use
     36the 'HiddenServiceVersion 3' torrc directive along with the regular onion
     37service configuration options. We will publish a blog post about this new
     38feature soon! Enjoy!
     40== Current state ==
     42In alpha. Active testing and devleopment.
     44== Example prop224 services ==
     46You will need a Tor browser running tor master to visit these:
     48Riseup: vww6ybal4bd7szmgncyruucpgfkqahzddi37ktceo3ah7ngmcopnpyyd.onion ozmh2zkwx5cjuzopui64csb5ertcooi5vya6c2gm4e3vcvf2c2qvjiyd.onion
     51(Also don't trust onions you read on a wiki)
     53== How to connect to test hub ==
     57== How to setup your own prop224 service ==