Basic metrics for evaluation

The evaluation of every tools will expose their strengths and weaknesses in a way that cannot be summarised in a list of checkpoints.

For every tool we will also keep in mind the following check list for properties that tools should have:

  • Is the tool Open Source?
  • Is the data collected made public?
  • Is the data format that is used for publication easy to interact with?
  • Are the methodologies explained?
  • Is the tool to be used by the general public?
    • If so, is the user warned of possible risks that he may incur when running the tool?
  • Does the data collected by the tool include potentially sensitive information?

More broad questions that should be answered when evaluating tools are:

  • What kind of tests does the tool perform?
  • How accurate are the tests?
  • What claims does the tool make?
  • Are the claims satisfied?
  • How does the reporting system work?
  • Is confidentiality and integrity of data being reported maintained?
  • What are its strengths?
  • What are its weaknesses?

Template for tool report

Censorship detection tools



403 Checker

Traffic manipulation tools


Project Bismark



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