Threat Model

Our adversary is capable of doing country wide network surveillance and manipulation of network traffic.

The goals of our adversary are:

  • Restrict access to certain content, while not degrading overall quality of the network
  • Monitor the network in a way that they are able to identify misuse of it in real time

More specifc to the running of network filtering detection tests:

  1. Detect actors performing censorship detection tests
  2. Fool people running such tests into believing that the network is unrestricted

Note that while 2) => 1) it is not true that 1) => 2) as the identification of such actors does not necessarily have to happen in real time.

While our intention is to minimize the risk of users running OONI probe to be identified, this comes with a tradeoff in accuracy. It is therefore necessary in certain tests to trade-off fingerprintability in favour of tests accuracy.

This is why we divide tests based on what risk the user running it can face, allowing the user to freely choose what threat model they wish to adere to.

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