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Kazakhstan (#6140)

Summary of the current situation

Tor is blocked and there's an IP address blacklist that includes the site.

First witnessed

Tor blocking started between February and March 2012 and is mentioned in a blog post. Another blog post was published two weeks afterwards.

Last witnessed

Sometimes around the summer of 2013 the blocking has been disabled (and an old tor bundle started to work that didn't work before).

In March 2015 blocking is observable again, the stock tor browser bundle cannot connect.

dcf: Do you know when in March 2015 it started happening? It doesn't seem to have affected the user graph yet:

In April 2015 blocking is observable again, some user reporting about problems while another still using it. User graph confirms report.

Graze on, graze on, submissive nation! You will not wake to honor's call. Why offer herds their liberation? For them are shears or slaughter-stall, Their heritage each generation The yoke with jingles, and the gall.

Types of Tor censorship

  • Deep packet inspection: #6140
    • Fingerprint: The TLS client cipher-list in the ClientHello record, parts of the Tor TLS server hello record, and probably more fingerprints in other nearby TLS records.

Types of non-Tor censorship

Ways to bypass censorship

Type of firewall

  • Unknown.

Reproducing the blocking