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OONI is the Open Observatory for Network Interference and its aim is to collect high quality data using open methodologies, using Free and Open Source Software (FL/OSS) to share observations and data about the kind, methods and amount of surveillance and censorship in the world.

This is a human rights observation project for the Internet. OONI seeks to observe levels of surveillance, censorship, and networked discrimination by networked authoritarian power structures.

The end goal of the OONI project is to collect data which shows an accurate representation of network interference on the Filternet we call the internet.

The source code for OONI can be found at its code repository here: (BEWARE, this is highly experimental software, be prepared for hacking if you want to use it)

OONI Documentation

For a description of OONIs Methodology see: doc/OONI/Methodology

For a description of OONIs Architecture see: doc/OONI/Architecture

For a description of OONIs Backend see: doc/OONI/Backend

For a list of test that run on OONI see: doc/OONI/Tests

Related Projects

There are a lot of projects out there that may in the future be integrated into OONI or there is some way for some shared work to be done: