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The Open Observatory for Network Interference is a project to detect surveillance and censorship. We aim to share observations and data about the nature, methods, and prevalence of surveillance and censorship around the world, by collecting high quality data using open methodologies and Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS).


Our codebase is currently in alpha status. We're still working out the last few kinks in the code before we put together a GUI interface and package it for distribution. If you'd like to help test out either ooniprobe (the network testing client) or oonib (our backend data collection system), that's great! This is an overwhelmingly ambitious project, and we welcome any and all help we can get.

Our code lives in two places: We use our Tor Project organization account on Github for active development (yes, Richard Stallman, we know it isn't FLOSS, but the web interface and code commenting system on Github, such as the feature for commenting on a single line of code, has saved our development team much hassle and many an argument...). To get our code you'll want to use this repo, and you can clone it with:

git clone

We also have a copy of our master branch and tagged releases on the Tor Project's gitweb server. Our developers also have personal repositories there, although in general lately we've been moving towards Github.

If you're looking to hack on ooniprobe and oonib with us, or if you've got a patch or suggestion, please see the "Contributing to Development" section below.

Feel free to test it out, and please contact us with problems, confusions, bugs, and suggestions!


Achtung! The OONI documentation has moved here.

OONI Development & Project Management

Contact Us

Most of our communication takes place on IRC. The primary OONI developers are members of the Tor Project, and they can be reached collectively in the #ooni channel on, as well as many of the Tor channels on the OFTC network.

The primary Tor developers currently contributing to OONI development are:

  • Arturo Filasto <art(at)torproject(dot)org>
  • Isis Lovecruft <isis(at)torproject(dot)org>
  • Aaron Gibson <aagbsn(at)torproject(dot)org>
  • Jacob Appelbaum <jacob(at)torproject(dot)org>
  • George Kadianakis <asn(at)torproject(dot)org>

Connecting on IRC

If you don't have or want an IRC client, we've already got a web proxy to the #ooni channel set up here.

Though, the best way to connect is point your IRC client, such as irssi at the OFTC network. There are instructions here for creating a new user account and routing all traffic though Tor, which is a commonly used way to ensure that various IRC clients do not leak information (such as DNS requests) though a non-Tor-ified channel.

The OFTC network has SSL/TLS: ircs:// As well as an onion address: 37lnq2veifl4kar7.onion:6697

Reporting Bugs

We use this Trac for our bug reports and feature requests. Click here to submit a bug report. Please fill out the Summary and Description fields, and leave the rest of the fields alone (lost tickets are such a pain!). Or, click here for a summary of all tickets currently associated with OONI.

We use the Issues section of our Github page for coordinating and commenting on pull requests and patches. We'd prefer that you use the above link to create a Trac ticket to report bugs, unless you've forked our code and are submitting a pull request.

OONI Infrastructure

Host Maintainers Roles Test Helpers hellais, anadahz Backend Collector, Backend Bouncer, Reports mirror, Pipeline N/A hellais, anadahz Backend Collector, Backend Bouncer, Reports mirror N/A hellais, anadahz Backend Collector, Backend Bouncer, Reports mirror N/A

Contributing to Development

If you'd like to hack with us, please fork our code, follow our branching layout in the Development Workflow documentation, and submit a pull request when you've done something nifty. Feel free to chat with us about ideas or problems.

Related Projects

Our Research on other Censorship Detection Tools

There are a lot of projects out there that may in the future be integrated into OONI or there is some way for some shared work to be done:

Links to old documentation, wiki pages, and development notes

Please note that the documentation in these pages may be outdated and is not to be relied upon, but is being made available as an archival history of our progress.

ooniprobe and oonib Setup & HowTo's

OONI's Threat Model

Ooniprobe Test Writing Methodology

OONI Architecture

OONI Backend

Current Test Specifications

OONI Data Collection Structure

Android builds and development