PT Criteria

Things we need:

  • TODO: One set of criteria for what a good pluggable transport should be.
  • TODO: One set of criteria for getting a PT into the Tor Browser Bundle.

Existing Documents:

Before submitting a PT for inclusion into TBB a developer…

  • MUST be able to be built the PT deterministically
  • MUST have had the PT in TBB alpha for [X] period of time
  • SHOULD build a patch for TBB and provide the patched TBB for review along with the PT for testing

For inclusion into TBB a PT…

  • MUST offer a different feature than existing PT's.
  • MUST have code that is well documented and maintainable by a party working without the support of the original developers
  • MUST be audited by one of the existing core Tor PT developers
    • therefore it MUST be very compelling, or provide funding, so that auditors will audit your code.
      • The time it takes to audit code is considerable.
        • e.g. Stegotorus
        • We need to not ignore the costs on our side for doing the evaluations.
  • MUST have an identified process and channels for handling support for users experiencing blocking or other errors that are PT related
  • SHOULD have a well thought out deployment plan (e.g. plan for recruiting people who will run the specified PT on Tor Bridges)
  • MUST be written in a reasonable language - e.g. MUMPS :) -

The Process for getting a PT included into TBB is to…

  • A0) DON'T email individual developers
  • A1) Send an email to tor-dev or create a trac-ticket announcing your intent to create a PT
  • A2) A person should communicate to IRC during meeting times to announce their intent.
    • TODO someone tell Nick that he inherited PT additions in the Tor Dev Meeting.
  • B) TODO: Now what? PT-vangelist or interested Dev responds and says "read and respond to roadmap" and then provide [X] things in [Y] format to location [Z].
  • C) TODO: Review happens here?
  • D) TODO: It is included into TBB alpha here?
  • E) TODO: Changes from Alpha deployment here?
  • F) TODO: It is rolled out to TBB stable here?

The things that we need to do to ensure that outside developers have the greatest chance of success are…

  • Create a website/page that tells you the steps involved in developing and deploying a PT
  • Create a way for devs to find the website (See: PT-vangelist)
  • Rewrite the PT spec to be less Tor specific and fully comprehensive
  • TODO Add bootstrapping information to website and wiki
    • In the short term "If you are interested f**k off... but, try the wiki."
    • In the long term "Communicate that there is a team and steer people towards the mailing list because it is permanent and asynchronous."

The process for removing a PT from TBB is

  • We need a process & criteria for evaluating when a PT will get removed from Tor.
    • Drop a PT when it is broken? But it is rarely broken in all countries just because broken in one.
    • Drop when it takes up space? Two notions of space: package size, and UI/UX bloat.
    • Drop when user count drops below X? (If X > 0, where should the line be drawn?)
    • Drop when something similar but "better" exists and is officially deployed? (Eg: obfs(N+1) replacing obfsN)
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