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     1= Others Circumvention Systems =
     3== Lantern ==
     4[ Lantern] ([ github]) uses proxies that run on your friends' computers. Your Lantern software connects to Lantern software running on a friend's (or a friend of a friend's) computer and uses it as a proxy. Similar to uProxy; differences include: Lantern is a normal program, not a browser extension; and Lantern lets you proxy through friends of friends. Lantern's goal is pure circumvention, not anonymity.
     6Lantern is capable of using [ UDT] (reliable UDP-based protocol) for communication between instances.
     8Lantern faces the problem of how to distribute proxy addresses without the censor finding out about all of them. [ Kaleidoscope] is in part a peer-to-peer method of sharing proxy addresses. Lantern has [ its own implementation] of part of Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope is discussed in #7520.
     10Lantern has integrated FTE as a transport.
     12 * [ HOWTO use Lantern as a pluggable transport]
     13 * [ Lantern user Q&A]
     14 * [ Lantern developer Q&A]
     16== Psiphon ==
     17[ Psiphon] is a circumvention system using SSH and VPN tunnels. Clients discover new servers dynamically.
     19 * [ A Technical Description of Psiphon] from March 2014.
     21Psiphon has adapted pluggable transports for their use.
     23 * [ Java port of meek-client] for Android.
     25== GoAgent ==
     26GoAgent: proxy using Google App Engine. You download the software, run it on your own App Engine account, and use it as your personal proxy. See linked article for more.