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List of Pluggable Transports


  • Description: Look-like-nothing pluggable transport (in obfsproxy)
  • Status: Deployed (Tor Browser)
  • Language: Python
  • Maintainer: asn


  • Description: Zerg-like browser-based proxies XXX
  • Status: Deployed (Tor Browser)
  • Language: Python, Go, Javascript
  • Maintainer: David Fifield
  • Uses websocket-server on the server side, which can also be used with a standalone websocket-client, without going through a flash proxy.

Format-Transforming Encryption (FTE)

  • Description: Transforms data to arbitrary application-layer traffic.
  • Status: Deployed (Tor Browser)
  • Language: Python/C++
  • Maintainer: Kevin Dyer


  • Description: Sophisticated look-like-nothing pluggable transport (in obfsproxy)
  • Status: Deployed, but superseded by obfs4 (Tor Browser)
  • Language: Python
  • Maintainer: Philipp Winter


  • Description: Uses HTTP, relays through a third party, TLS for obfuscation.
  • Status: Deployed (Tor Browser)
  • Language: Go.


  • Description: Markov-chains pluggable transport
  • Status: Under development.
  • Language: Python
  • Maintainer: David Stainton


  • Description: UDP-based pluggable transport.
  • Status: Under active development.
  • Language: C
  • Maintainer: Yawning


  • Description: SSH-based pluggable transport.
  • Status: Developed. Not deployed yet (lack of bundle building tech).
  • Language: Python
  • Notes: Actually uses the ssh binary
  • Maintainer: Yawning


  • Description: XMPP-based pluggable transport.
  • Status: Developed. Not deployed yet.
  • Language: Python (SleekXMPP)
  • Notes: Bandwidth issues since most XMPP servers are throttled. Can be solved maybe with multiple hexchat bots.
  • Maintainer: Feynmann


  • Description: Transforms traffic to arbitrary formats based on sample traffic.
  • Status: Under development.
  • Language: Haskell
  • Maintainer: Brandon Wiley


  • Description: Look-like-nothing pluggable transport (in obfsproxy)
  • Status: Deployed (Tor Browser)
  • Language: Python
  • Notes: Superseded by obfs3
  • Maintainer: asn


  • Description: Look-like-nothing pluggable transport.
  • Status: Developed.
  • Language: Python
  • Notes: Superseded by Dust2
  • Maintainer: Brandon Wiley


  • Description: Pluggable transport with modular output formats.
  • Status: Under development.
  • Language: C++
  • Notes: Part of DEFIANCE framework
  • Maintainer: vmon (?)

Code Talker Tunnel (previously: SkypeMorph)

  • Description: Skype-based pluggable transport
  • Status: Developed. Not deployed. (Ship Skype binary to users?!)
  • Language: C/C++
  • Notes: Actually uses the Skype binary
  • Maintainer: Ian Goldberg


  • Description: Git-based pluggable transport (in obfsproxy)
  • Status: Developed (?). Not deployed.
  • Language: Python
  • Notes: Git is poll-based. Slow.
  • Maintainer: Björgvin Ragnarsson && Pieter Westein


  • Description: Encodes messages as commands in online video games.
  • Status: Prototyped.
  • Language: C++.

PT libraries

  • pyptlib is a Python library which makes it easier to turn a proxy into a Tor pluggable transport.
  • goptlib is a pluggable transports library for golang. Check the example client and example server.
  • PLUTO: Pluggable Libraries Using Transport Obfuscation for Android.
  • liballium is a C/C++ library for people that absolutely need to use C or C++ for a pluggable transport.