Pluggable Transport Weekly Meeting: 2013-09-13




  • asn: flashproxy facilitators to support transport chains. That is to be
  • dcf1: server side of #7167, prototype wroks
  • i0tr: client side of #7167. did pyptlib api improvements and a client for combined obfs/flash transport. this month will be looking into nat traversal for pts and packaging flashproxy, all components
  • monchichi: working on UI changes for the current flashproxy embed.html page, and getting some strings translated on transifex. Next:to update Cupcake (chrome)'s menu, improve usability of the wordpress plugin, and get started integrating user-facing metrics across the board (in flashproxy proper and in cupcake stuff).

Server-side pluggable transports:

  • asn: pass parameters (shared-secrets etc.) to BridgeDB. TODO: Windows environment to build bundles. build new PT bundles soon, with the next TBB release.


  • jcam is trying to organise funding for Dust2 which is Dust's successor.


  • kpdyer has a working prototype of FTE. He also organised a dedicated build machine. Currently, he's trying to figure out the best way to come up with builds.


  • vmon added a handshake which should prevent active probing attacks. As soon as it detects tampering, it becomes a transparent proxy. http_apache, which is vmon's main steganography module, is segfaulting (sigh c stuff) and he's trying to figure out why.


  • meejah works on txtorcon.

LODP (fingerprinting/active scanning resistant DTLS):


  • phw is mostly testing and polishing scramblesuit. He also started writing a protocol spec because the implementation differs a little from the research paper.

General Decisions:

  • Meetings will be biweekly.
  • 30min of updates and 30min of code review.
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