Howto always run privoxy within Firefox, with switching between tor on/off.

You have to run two Privoxy daemons in parallel.

You have Privoxy installed. Now You copy it's configuration directory to a second place:

# cp -a /etc/privoxy /etc/privoxy2

In one config you forward to tor daemon (using Tor), in the other not (not using Tor). Second, the two Privoxys have to listen on different ports. So, if the first Privoxy listens on the standard port 8118, edit /etc/privoxy2/config and edit:


So the first listens on port 8118 and the second on 8119.

Now You have to create an init script for the second Privoxy. The following I have done for this in Debian Etch:

# cp /etc/init.d/privoxy /etc/init.d/privoxy2

Then edit /etc/init.d/privoxy2:



Now You have to add privoxy2 to the rc-directorys to start and stop automatically when entering runlevels:

# update-rc.d privoxy2 defaults

and start it the first time manually:

# /etc/init.d/privoxy2 start

Now You should have running two Privoxy processes (check with ps aux | grep privoxy).

Now install the Firefox switchproxy extension and configure it to switch between the two Privoxys (localhost:8118 and localhost:8119).

That's it!

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