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Note that Tor Browser build instructions are obsolete, pending a rewrite.



Snowflake is a pluggable transport that proxies traffic through temporary proxies using WebRTC, a peer-to-peer protocol with built-in NAT punching. It aims to work kind of like flash proxy, but without flash proxy's problems with NAT.

Work in progress.

[tor-dev] Introducing Snowflake (webrtc pt)

User graph:

Evaluation at PluggableTransports/SnowFlakeEvaluation.

欢迎测试 Tor 浏览器的新网桥 (目前仅支持 Mac OS X 与 Linux) (due to #22782)

Draft of the technical writeup

How to run a Snowflake proxy

Option 1 (web browser)

  1. Go to and click the Yes button to opt in to being a proxy.
  2. Go to and watch the status messages.

Option 2 (standalone)

  1. Get the #Source code.
  2. cd proxy-go
    go get
    go build

Source code

The following should result in a 100% bootstrap over WebRTC:

git clone
cd snowflake/client
go get
go build
tor -f torrc

Integration with Tor Browser

2018-03-07: This section needs to be rewritten to be for the newer rbm-based build system. In particular, you should be able to just do make alpha in tor-browser-build.git.

The integration of Snowflake into Tor Browser is being tracked at ticket #19001. Here is a guide on getting started. For background reading, see doc/TorBrowser/Hacking, doc/TorBrowser/BuildingWithGitian, and gitian/

You need to start with an installation of Ubuntu (probably 14.04 is the best bet). You can also build on Debian (e.g. stretch), but dcf had trouble in the make-base-vm stage and had to run that stage on Ubuntu (the rest worked on Debian).

Clone gitian-builder and dcf's branch of tor-browser-bundle. The gitian-builder and tor-browser-bundle directories need to be siblings.

git clone -b tor-browser-builder-4
git clone
cd tor-browser-bundle
git remote add dcf
git fetch dcf
git checkout -b snowflake --track dcf/snowflake

Enter the tor-browser-bundle/gitian directory and repeatedly run the script, doing what it says until it stops complaining. It's going to ask you to install a bunch of packages, perhaps create groups, and install a patched python-vm-builder program.

cd tor-browser-bundle/gitian

Now make the prep-alpha target. This will build the base VMs the first time you run it, and will take a long time. It will also download all the source files, which will also take a long time. TORSOCKS= causes the downloads to not use Tor.

make prep-alpha TORSOCKS=

Then to kick the whole thing off, do this:

make build-alpha

Making the build-alpha target, rather than just alpha, enables you to restart the build where it left off after a failure. Making just alpha will cause the whole process to start from scratch, discarding everything except the base VMs—you usually don't want to do that.

While the build is running, it will seem like nothing's happening. You can see what's happening by tailing the log files gitian-builder/var/install.log and gitian-builder/var/build.log.

Currently the build only works for linux. After building the linux bundles, it will fail somewhere in the middle of windows. An alternative to make build-alpha that only builds the linux bundles is ./ versions.alpha (see the build-alpha target in tor-browser-bundle/gitian/Makefile).

When the build is finished you will have a newly created directory named after the Tor Browser version number, containing tar.xz and other files. Intermediate results appear in gitian-builder/inputs, alongside downloaded source files. The intermediate result files have names that include "gbuilt", e.g.

Current problems you will run into:

  • If you run into ssh: connect to host localhost port 2223: Connection refused, this means qemu failed to start due to lack of RAM. You may encounter this if you try to build on a droplet that's too small.

WebRTC fingerprintability

Notes at Snowflake/Fingerprinting.


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