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Please be aware that everything on this wiki page is still a work-in-progress, and is subject to frequent change.

Target audiences

For different parts of the documentation / curriculum, there will be different target audiences. I'm not sure we can classify all documents under any one target audience, especially when at least one of them has been defined for us (4.0).

  • 1.0 Trainers
    • 1.1 The training curriculum would be the documentation directed at trainers.
    • Base Knowledge: (?)
  • 2.0 General "users"
    • 2.1 TBB manual (goal is wide audience, support team has already started this)
    • 2.2 TBB videos (goal is wide audience, support team has already started this)
    • 2.3 Possibly create videos for Tails usage (tricky)
    • Base Knowledge: Basic computer usage (browsing the internet, downloading things, sending email, etc..).
  • 3.0 Technical / advanced users
    • 3.1 Updated guides for running relays
    • 3.2 Updated guides for running bridges (obfs3, fte, meek, scramblesuit).
    • Base Knowledge: A decent understanding of how Tor functions, and the desire to learn more and contribute to the Tor community and/or network.
  • 4.0 Iranian users
    • 4.1 Translated versions of 2.0 & 3.0 documentation (Farsi, Arabic)
    • 4.2 Translated versions of 2.2 videos (Farsi, Arabic)
    • 4.3 Stronger focus on Pluggable Transports, as they are generally required in the region.
    • 4.4 Stronger focus on the usage of Tails for high-risk environments.
    • Base Knowledge: The same as 2.0.

Easy to use

As defined in the proposals all education materials and training should be "easy to use"

For the purpose of this project we are defining "Easy to Use" with the following criteria:

(take language from "target users")

  1. Users would be able to explain in their own words how the Tor Browser Bundle works
  2. Users would be able to download Tor without assistance
  3. Users would be able to successfully browse the Internet via Tor without assistance

Curriculum Framework

This notepad outlines the curriculum modules. Each module will require further details including Powerpoint presentation decks, lecture notes for trainers and supplemental materials for attendees. All of these modules will also be designed to be translated and converted into on-demand training videos.

The modules are designed as stand-alone learning experiences that can also be combined for an extended learning opportunities and hands-on workshops.

The structure for each module will be consistent in the following ways:

  • Audience: content will be designed for non-technical or low-technical users.
  • Objective: each module will have 2 - 3 objectives which will be tested at the end to ensure attendees understand the concepts
  • Time: each module is 1 hour in length - again designed as a stand-alone or combined with other modules for extended learning.
  • Technology Requirements: to ensure the modules can be taught under various learning environments, unrestricted Internet access will be the only technical requirement to conduct the modules.
  • Lecture Notes: the lecture notes will be designed for experienced trainers; who have the skills to manage and communicate to adult learners in the time frame of the modules.
  • Topics for Discussion: this information will provide the basis for the Powerpoint templates and lecture notes
  • All modules will include messaging to reinforce why using Tor is important - beyond just scaring people into submission.

MODULE 1: Basics of Tor

  • Objectives:
    • 1. To understand the history and mission of Tor;
    • 2. To understand the basics of the Tor network;

MODULE 2: Installing and Using the Tor Browser

  • Objectives:
    • 1. To download TBB;
    • 2. To verify TBB;
    • 3. To successfully use the TBB;
    • 4. To successfully acquire / use bridges with the TBB

MODULE 3: Installing and Using Tails

  • Objectives:
    • 1. To download Tails;
    • 2. To verify Tails;
    • 3. To successfully use Tails
    • 4. To successfully acquire / use bridges with Tails

MODULE 4: Tips and Tricks to Improve Digital Safety

  • Objectives:
    • 1. To understand what else users need to do to help protect their privacy online;
    • 2. To understand what is meant by encryption, PGP, faults in human behavior, etc.
    • 3. (Possibly) Basic information on OTR, GnuPG, ZRTP, etc..

Outreach Planning

EVENTS - the following list are events in consideration for deployment of the training materials for both end-users and train-the-trainers. ==

CryptoParty events
Re:publica RECON
BlackHat USA, Asia, Europe

Distribution Planning

Note: Anything that is listed as "X" is a person/organization that has not stated if they are alright being named. Many of these will likely be filled in, in the future.

  • mrphs will assist with distribution
  • X has previously stated that they would assist with material distribution
  • X has stated they will assist with material distribution / translation
  • fa-blog.tpo will be useful for distributing to Iranian users
  • blog.tpo can be used for promoting new materials
  • CTF in Spain will be a great place to get the materials out to further groups. Colin Childs(phoul) has committed to doing this.

Dev Meeting Breakout Session

In attendance - ASL19, Karsten, Pepjin, Griffin, Leiah
To start we review of the goals of the project, target audience, and curriculum objectives. Asked for feedback and suggestions regarding the curriculum content and outreach efforts. Comments / Suggestions:

  • online training modules would be useful for the target audience
  • possible opportunities for in person training would include: citizen lab, universities (Toronto? to do "train-the-trainer session"), Iran Groups in DC area - Karen needs to provide input here, BBC Farsi - needs details on this, Voice of America Farsi.
  • promote training materials electronically - need to use social media and other channels to promote that our materials exist
  • graphic design of the materials and videos is important - ASL19 has examples they will send us.
  • video learning needs to very light and fun for people to understand
  • focusing on censorship and surveillence is not as big of a deal
  • need to address the questions why Tor is work the "hassles" to learn and use - why is slower speed worth it? Create a story to tell why it's worth it. Create promotional material on this topic.
  • include how to use bridges, what kinds of bridges that might slow down the connection event more.
  • weave the message of importance into each module
  • question to make sure are answered: How do we address if people get arrested for having Tor on their machines?


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