Polipo is a HTTP-Proxy which can forward to a socks-proxy and is a nice alternative to Privoxy. Polipo is a bit faster as Privoxy, it's smaller and needs less rescources. Therefor Polipo lacks some of Privoxys features for blocking ads and protecting the surfers privacy. But if you also think, like many other people that a modern browser like firefox and the available plugins are way better for this task than Privoxy because they offer a nicer interface to do these jobs and they can also protect your privacy within HTTPS connections you want to dump Privoxy and give Polipo a try.



On most debian-derivates you can get polipo by your repositories with: sudo apt-get install polipo


To make polipo forwarding to tor you have to open the polipo configfile (on linux in /etc/polipo/config) and insert these two lines in any place:

socksParentProxy = "localhost:9050"

socksProxyType = socks4a

Now you have to restart polipo to make the changes taking effect. Now you setup polipo in your browser like you did before with privoxy.

Problem with Polipo

Now the really, really big drawback with Polipo: It doesn't work nicely with Vidalia. Polipo needs to be started after Tor has been started. So if you start polipo as a service while booting and start Tor with Vidalia by hand you have a problem with polipo you didn't have with privoxy. You need to restart polipo manually.

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