Tor Browser Bundle Smoke Test

Smoke testing refers to physical tests made to closed systems of pipes to test for leaks. By metaphorical extension, the term is also used for the first test made after assembly or repairs to a system, to provide some assurance that the system under test will not catastrophically fail. After a smoke test proves that "the pipes will not leak, the keys seal properly, the circuit will not burn, or the software will not crash outright," the system is ready for more stressful testing. --Smoke Test on Wikipedia


The series of tests here are provided to be executed on a candidate release of the Tor Browser Bundle to verify that the build is functional and sound before continuing on to more in depth or involve test cases. The major point here is running a small number of tests to verify about 90% of the build works correctly. These test cases should be laid out in such a way where there is some minimal setup, then striping through one after another without a requirement to re-setup the environment, so execution can be quick.

Platform Owners

Link to a page or list of here who's owning what platform.


Download a new bundle, delete the old one, install in a VM, isolate the network connection, get Wireshark running, fill in more later.

Test Cases

Fill this out more, grab more from doc/build/BuildSignoff.

  • Log in as a non-administrator
  • Extract bundle
  • Start Tor
  • Hit some sites (nytimes will be one now)
  • Attempt to download something other than html with Firefox
  • Hit an onion url
  • Refresh identity
  • Hit the proxy with Pidgin
  • Close and restart Tor
  • Check an interface dump to see if anything leaked

Execution Log

Once you've completed a run, fill out the log? with your findings! An email to tor-dev might be smart too.

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