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  • proper: anonymous author; see disclaimer; researched extensively and compiled all those information floating around the web into this guide (proper at; click on my name for more information/contact
  • smarm: made many things much clearer; English languages fixes; Thank you! (smarm [at] hushmail dot com)
  • cyptherpunks/anonymous: Everyone can contribute! Feb 2012: added a shell script to automate set up, changed guide to use VirtualBox instead of VMware, rewritten the iptables firewall and added a hardening section.

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Sources I (proper) learned from:

Similar Projects

Here is a list of projects with similar goals to TorBOX. The list is here for reference. Those projects may have interesting thoughts, mistakes, security enhancements, features and so on. The useful stuff can be potentially ported to TorBOX. Some projects inspired the development of TorBOX (missing features, implementation reference etc.).

A few reasons listed in this link not to use some of those projects apply here as well.

Thank you!


License: as mentioned on Tor Wiki Start Page at the bottom.

We strongly believe in Free Software. Therefore we are happy about any help with this project. English languages fixes, screenshot instructions, video instructions, translations to other languages, your own blog, binary distributions, whatever you up to. Please give something in return, link back to this page and if you are nice, inform here about your project.