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#5439; #4019 notice flood; Tor warns about public SocksPort addresses twice on startup (new defect)
#5438 sockslistenaddr in torrc fixed
#5437 man page: IsolateClientProtocol needs clarification? fixed
#5210 Enable gcc and ld hardening by default in 0.2.3.x (needs_revision defect)
#5220 Intelligently use capabilities/privileges and drop what we don't need for Debian Gnu/Linux accepted, no progress
#5553 prevent protocol leaks; Tor client connection API or protocol review howto accepted, no progress
#6060 add http proxy support to Tor accepted, no progress


#6207 apt-get install tor vidalia results in defunct Vidalia duplicate
#4716 vidalia... tries to start a per-user Tor with system-wide settings accepted, no progress
#6209 Add Vidalia to tpo precise repository accepted, no progress
Tails Tails wants to push some things upstream TODO


#6201 Add obfsproxy to Tor stable repository workaround, now using Debian package


#5928 Research: IP discovery through Tor behind isolated network No time?


#5498 Tor IM Bundle - use decentralized system (ex: cabels or TorChat) No time?
#1676 Audit jabber/XMPP support for pidgin stalled


#3592 lack of web forums accepted, in progress
#2436 Front Page of Wiki Not Editable REJECTED, there is now WikiStartAlternate, but ignored.
#5561 introduce rules for Tor wiki, trac, irc; netiquette; policy REJECTED
#1039 as (comment: for reaching Tor check through tpo's hidden service) REJECTED
#6103 Make a list of all hidden services (and bring them back online) implemented, and


#5606 deb package with all signing pgp keys ?
#2617 Add GPG keys to website, remove dependency on keyservers REJECTED


Ubuntu bugs do not matter so much anymore, since we switched to Debian.

716535 apt-get freeze attack (Valid-Until) importance: "low"(!)
1105645 /etc/bash.d/ wishlist -

Debian / Ubuntu NTP security vulnerability because not using authentication by default ? Idea #30050: Secure Network Time Synchronization Vote! Idea #30076: Enhancy Privacy/Security, Wipe RAM on shut down, reboot and trigger Vote!


23687166 ntp: NTP security vulnerability because not using authentication by default stalled
700811 interface comes up even if a script in /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/ fails -
675008 bash: should handle /etc/bashrc.d (or similar) for non-login interactive shell -

Tor Browser

#5480 can we get a link to "" REJECTED
#5322 doesn't obey user.js? setting custom proxy settings ANSWERED
#3455 Tor Browser should set SOCKS username for a request based on referer ACCEPTED, ASSIGNED
#5236 Make a deb of the Torbrowser and add to repository very unlikely
#3994 Get TorBrowser in Debian very unlikely
#4522 Add privilege separation for bundled browser needs_information enhancement
#5791 Gather apparmor/selinux/seatbelt profiles for each component of TBB assigned project
#5024 compile time hardening of TBB (RELRO, canary, PIE) (new enhancement)
#5611 Enhance "Transparent Torification (Requires custom transproxy or Tor router)" in Tor Button. ?
#6025 enable Bookmarks Toolbar by default ?
#6053 TorButton breaks functionality to have multiple homepages (startpages) ?
#5273 Update TBB design doc for 2.3.x-alpha (missing Tor Browser Update Check Technical Documentation) new defect


#6155 Import torsocks from google code to trac (assigned defect)
#8137 add option to allow connections to local addresses new

Tor Check

#6098 Add a hidden service to new enhancement


TorBirdy different topics new
#6018 Add TorBirdy to the repository new

Virtual Box

#10828 VBoxService --disable-timesync broken Done. Workarround. They say it's actually a feature, not a bug or a missing feature.


#7611 Man page parser out of date new defect


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