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    1414As soon as a new developer, who actively supports the other anonymizing network, joins the TorBOX project, this particular anonymizing network can be equally supported like the Tor network. For example, there is not much point in separate a 'JonDoBOX', if most of the knowledge and code is shared. Almost anything, even the project name, could be revised.
    16 = Using the i2p anonymizing network =
     16= i2p anonymizing network =
    1717Unfortunately it is not possible to reliably replace the Tor network with the [ i2p network]. The i2p network is mainly designed to host all services inside the i2p network. We have to update the Tor-Workstation's operating system and software packages. That is not possible with i2p. Outproxies exist (http, https and socks), but too few of them. And they are not suited for use with TorBOX. They are too unreliable (too often offline). At the moment (March 2012) there are no working https or socks outproxies, which we could use for apt-get. I2p can be used as an addition to TorBOX.
    5656Development stalled due to lack of interest from TorBOX developers and ip2 community. Development thread: [ Support for i2p [WAIT for contributors/more mature upstream]]; [ i2p thread]. Anyone feel free it take it.
    58 = Using JonDonym =
     58= JonDonym =
    5959Be aware, that the [ JonDonym network] is much smaller than the Tor network. However, JonDonym might be faster. In some aspects JonDonym is more/less secure than Tor. Depends on your thread model. Read the [ network comparison]. Also note [ law enforcement].
    8787Chance of working better (untested): [ Tunneling UDP over Tor]. Note, that [ Other Anonymizing Networks over Tor UDP Tunnel] applies.
    8888= Freenet =
    89 == Using gateway (inproxy) inside your Tor-Workstation ==
     89== Using a gateway (inproxy) inside your Tor-Workstation ==
    9090A [ freenet gateway]. Still working? How to use?
    102102Not written yet.
    104 = Using VPN's as a Tor replacement on Tor-Gateway =
     104= VPN =
    105105Not finished yet. UNTESTED! [ dev thread]
     107TorBOX developers do not review or rate VPN services. That's beyond the TorBOX project. See [ A Free example VPN working with TorBOX for testing purposes] for more information.
     109== VPN's in addition to Tor ==
    107110It is already possible to [ Tunnel Tor through proxy, '''VPN''' or SSH] or to [ Tunnel Proxy/SSH/'''VPN''' through Tor], or a combination of both methods.
    109 TorBOX developers do not review or rate VPN services. That's beyond the TorBOX project. See [ A Free example VPN working with TorBOX for testing purposes] for more information.
     112== VPN's as a Tor replacement on Tor-Gateway ==
     113Not finished yet. UNTESTED! [ dev thread]
    111115In this chapter we explain, how you can replace Tor with a VPN. Regarding security see 'Introduction' on this page at the top. It's your responsibility to find a (non-logging, safe) free/paid VPN provider or to stick with Tor.
    165169Not finished yet. UNTESTED!
    167 = proxies =
     171= Proxy =
    168172Not finished.
     174== Proxies in addition to Tor ==
     175See [ Advantages of TorBOX], "It is possible to use TorBOX setup in conjunction with VPNs, ssh and other proxies....".
     177== Proxies as a Tor replacement ==
    170178It is possible to replace Tor with local or remote proxies. Note that anonymity is sufficiently lower with (single hop) proxies. The difficulty is, that most proxies lack a TransPort and DnsPort.
    172180It also depends, what kind of proxy you want to use.
    174 == CGI ==
     182=== CGI ===
    175183[ CGIProxies] (proxy web interface) are not supported as we don't know any trans2cgi redirectors.
    177 == HTTP ==
     185=== HTTP ===
    178186Not finished.
    183191What we don't know yet if there are any (Open Source) socks2http or trans2http redirectors for Linux. We might document that, as soon we got the socks proxy support ready.
    185 == SOCKS ==
     193=== SOCKS ===
    186194Not finished.