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Using the i2p anonymizing network

If you simply want to browse eepsites, see Browsing eepsites using i2p inproxies on Tor-Workstation, otherwise you can also install i2p directly inside Tor-Workstation or directly on the Tor-Gateway.

Browsing eepsites using i2p inproxies on Tor-Workstation

There are several i2p inproxies, those are similar to tor2web. Simply use your Tor Browser. For example awxcnx or simply add '.to' after '.i2p'. For example, instant of 'http://forum.i2p' you can use ''. Note that you will loose the end-to-end encryption to the eepsites, which i2p would provide, if you would install it directly inside Tor-Workstation or if you would use it the ordinary way. Depending on if the inproxy uses http (unencrypted), https (or is reachable through a hidden service), also Exit Nodes Eavesdropping applies. In any case, the i2p inproxy admin can see, all your traffic into the i2p network and there is no way to prevent that.

Installing ip2 inside Tor-Workstation

It is possible to run i2p inside the Tor-Workstation.

  • Anonymity is provided by Tor.
  • I2p webinterface works normal inside Tor Browser. No need to install a graphical user interface on the Tor-Gateway.
  • Eepsites (.i2p) can be reached directly from Tor Browser.
  • I2p's end-to-end encryption will be used like usual.


  • Adds load to Tor.
  • Adds load to i2p.
  • It's slower than i2p directly on Tor-Gateway or the ordinary usage.
  • Incoming connections are not possible, because TorBOX's Tor Workstation is firewalled. 1
    1 If you know to use a hidden service, please add this information.
  • No contribution (leaching) to the i2p network. 2
    2 Sounds worse than it is. Only very little people are expected to use i2p over Tor. I2p offers those options itself. It's not like a leeching mod.

Recommend settings:

  • Tor Browser
  • Network
    • IP configuration: hidden mode (do not publish IP) (There is no need to publish the exit node's IP address.)
    • UDP-Port: completely disable (Not supported by Tor.)
    • TCP: disable inbound (Firewalled) (Only outgoing TCP supported by TorBOX.)
  • Tunnels
    • length (all tunnels): inbound and outbound: 0 (It's faster and less connection interrupts. Anonymity is already provided by Tor. No need to leech from Tor/i2p.)

Installing ip2 on Tor-Gateway

Not written yet.

Using the JonDo anonymizing network

Be aware, that the JonDo network is much smaller than the Tor network. However, JonDo might be faster. Also be aware, that JonDo is less secure than Tor, see law enforcement for details.

JonDo inside Tor-Workstation

You can use JonDo over Tor. This could be useful, to circumvent Tor bans. But note Tor Plus Proxy (it adds a permanent exit node, like explained and the article). Not many changes are required. download and install it as usual. You need 'JonDo – the IP changer', either as the gui or console version. You can decide, if you prefer to use JonDoFox or the Tor Browser. If you want to use the Tor Browser, see their help section on how to point Firefox to JonDo.

JonDo on Tor-Gateway

Not finished yet.

Depending on your thread model, JonDo can be potentially used as a replacement for Tor. Prefer the console version of 'JonDo – the IP changer', otherwise you would have to install a desktop environment, which needs a lot of more RAM, CPU and disc space (not possible on most embedded devices).

For free users

Not finished yet.

Free users can only only use port 80 (http) and 443 (https). Socks is only available for paying premium users. Not researched yet, if it's even possible to tunnel everything thought those ports. Also JonDo does not seem to offer a TransPort or DnsPort. For that reason, something like transproxy could be needed.

For paying premium users

Not written yet. Probable easier, see above. If it's possible for free users, then this topic line will become obsolete.


In fact RetroShare is not an anonymizing network, it is a friend-to-friend (F2F) network, or optionally a darknet. It has a very different audience and thread model. RetroShare does not support using an outproxy yet, for this reason, it can not replace Tor on the Tor-Gateway. It may be used inside the Tor-Gateway. This would enable you to do things, which are normally potentially dangerous, such as adding random people (from a forum) while staying anonymous. (For example, to join a RetroShare forum.)

At the moment it is not possible to connect to the RetroShare network over Tor. RetroShare relies on UDP, which is not supported by Tor. Yet, RetroShare also has no proxy support. When proxy support gets implemented, it might be possible.