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    763763We know it's not the best solution to run a VM inside a VM. Virtual Box inside Virtual Box works, but if we change to another virtualization platform later, that may be no longer possible.
     765= aos Thread Model not available as pdf or paper version =
     766You may skip this optional chapter. Written by aos developer adrelanos.
     768While I read real papers, like the [ Onion routing design paper] and many others, I can't be coerced into creating a paper "Designing an anonymous operating system" with latex as pdf.
     770Like Mike Perry, developer of Tor Browser [ said] "I find the pdf format heavy and unnerving from a security perspective.". That also goes for me and I also find the pdf format inconvinient. It would also take me some time to learn latex, pdf creation, formatting etiquette and so on. Time, which I rather invest into improving the design, developing and so on. The "Onion routing design paper" is now also outdated and I rather have an editable, often updated and revised website compared to a paper/pdf.
     772Tails does also not have a design paper as pdf and still lots of users and developers. Also TrueCrypt had not design paper about plausible deniability and still got reviewed by Bruce Schneier et al.
    765774= Further hints and readings =
    766775There are [ a few threads] on the Tor Talk Mailing List about the security of aos / transparent proxy. "[tor-talk] Operating system updates / software installation behind Tor Transparent Proxy"; "[tor-talk] Obtain real IP behind Tor transparent proxy; was: Operating system updates / software installation behind Tor Transparent Proxy"; "[tor-talk] Risk with transparent proxy mode [was Re:Operating system updates / software installation behind Tor Transparent Proxy]" - Everything fine so far.