Bad/Impersonating Tor Browser

This is a listing of known websites providing Bad/Impersonating Tor Browser

App NameApp IDPlatformURL
t o r browser | browser bravehubpro.adblocker.browserAndroid
TOR Browser Private Webid1444388609iOS
TOR Browser Anonymous web +VPNid1450809061iOS
Onion TOR Browser + VPNid1227411543iOS
TOR –Powered Web Browser + VPNid1373180215iOS
VPN + TOR Browser Private Webid961073150iOS
TOR browser: Anonymous Webid1463321661iOS
.VPN゜ · · id1460166404iOS
Tor BrowserN/AWindows
Tor BrowserN/AWindows/macOS/Linux
Tor BrowserN/AWindows
Tor BrowserN/AWindows
Tor BrowserN/AWindows

Good Information and/or (Seemingly) Unmodified Packages

These are sites that look like they are providing good information and/or unmodified packages

We should get in contact with them and find a better way of supporting each other.

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