The Tor Browser Release Schedule is influenced by Mozilla's Firefox Release schedule.

Currently, like Mozilla, we release Tor Browser updates (point releases) roughly every 6 weeks, with occasional bugfix releases in between. Beginning next year, point releases will be every four weeks.

Mozilla announce their upcoming Firefox releases on their Rapid Release calendar. Based on this, the next planned Tor Browser Releases are:

Release Date Stable Release Stable Based on Alpha Release Alpha Based on
2019-10-22 9.0 Firefox 68.2esr 9.5a1 Firefox 68.2esr
2019-11-04 9.0.1 Firefox 68.2esr 9.5a2 Firefox 68.2esr
2019-12-03 9.0.2 Firefox 68.3esr 9.5a3 Firefox 68.3esr
2020-01-07 9.0.3 Firefox 68.4esr
2020-01-09 9.0.4 Firefox 68.4.1esr 9.5a4 Firefox 68.4.1esr
2020-02-11 9.0.5 Firefox 68.5esr 9.5a5 Firefox 68.5esr
2020-03-02 9.5a6 Firefox 68.6esr
2020-03-11 9.5a7 Firefox 68.6esr
2020-03-12 9.0.6 Firefox 68.6esr 9.5a8 Firefox 68.6esr
2020-03-23 9.0.7 Firefox 68.6esr 9.5a9 Firefox 68.6esr
2020-04-03 9.0.8 Firefox 68.6esr 9.5a10 Firefox 68.6esr
2020-04-08 9.0.9 Firefox 68.7esr 9.5a11 Firefox 68.7esr
2020-05-04 9.0.10 Firefox 68.8esr 9.5a12 Firefox 68.8esr
2020-05-22 9.5a13 Firefox 68.8esr
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