Tor Browser provides a built-in automatic updating process. This is currently the only supported way of maintaining an updated browser.

The update URL is:

The current versions can be seen using this URL (stable and alpha, respectively):

On Unix-like systems, piping this through jq is suggested: | jq -r . | less

Current updates (on Linux 64-bit, en-US locale) use a URL like:

When updating from a version of Tor Browser older than 8.0, due to the watershed the URL is something like:

Update Watersheds

Over the years since Tor Browser began using automatic updates, the requirements of updating changed a few times. These changes were implemented by migrating to a new update location. These were watershed updates.

Ticket Path Release
#19316 update_3 6.5.2
#26050 update_3 8.0a10


MAR files were signed beginning in 2014, with ticket #13379. Incremental mar files were implemented in #13324,

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