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    2424  traffic that exits from your Tor relay. In the US, these appear to
    2525  be mainly the
    26   [ DMCA] and
    27   [ CDA],
     26  [[|DMCA]] and
     27  [[|CDA]],
    2828  and the good news is that many lawyers
    2929  believe that Tor exit node operators are in the same boat as the ISPs
    3030  themselves. Become familiar with
    31   [ the EFF's template letter regarding DMCA notices for Tor],
     31  [[|the EFF's template letter regarding DMCA notices for Tor]],
    3232  which is quite clear about not putting liability on service
    3333  providers. The CDA is less clear, because it was written before the
    4040  * Third, learn about Tor's design. Read the
    41   [ design overview], the
    42   [ design paper],
     41  [[|design overview]], the
     42  [[|design paper]],
    4343  and the
    44   [:/../TorFAQ: FAQ].
     44  [[/../TorFAQ| FAQ]].
    4545  Hang out on IRC for a while and learn more. If possible, attend a
    4646  talk by one of the Tor developers. Learn about the types of people and
    4747  organizations who need secure communications on the Internet. Practice
    4848  explaining Tor and its benefits and consequences to friends and
    49   neighbors -- the [ abuse FAQ] may provide
     49  neighbors -- the [[|abuse FAQ]] may provide
    5050  some helpful starting points.
    8484  hear that other lawyers have done a lot of the research and leg-work
    8585  (this is where
    86   [ the EFF's legal FAQ] comes in,
     86  [[|the EFF's legal FAQ]] comes in,
    8787  along with your law school contacts if you found any). Make sure to
    8888  keep these discussions informal and small -- invite one of the general
    136136world. (If they contact you directly for logs, you should send them to
    137137your university's lawyers -- acting on it yourself is
    138 [ almost always a poor idea].)
     138[[|almost always a poor idea]].)
    140140If there are too many complaints coming in, there are several approaches
    141141you can take to reduce them. First, you should follow the tips in the
    142 [ Tor relay documentation], such
     142[[|Tor relay documentation]], such
    143143as picking a descriptive hostname or getting your own IP address. If
    144144that doesn't work, you can scale back the advertised
    145145speed of your relay, by using the Max``Advertised``Bandwidth
    146 [ torrc option]
     146[[|torrc option]]
    147147to attract less traffic from the Tor network. Lastly, you can scale back
    148148your exit policy.
    152152if you're interested, you might want to get that started early in the
    153153process -- see our
    154 [ list of open research questions]
     154[[|list of open research questions]]
    155155for suggestions. This approach has the added benefit that you can draw
    156156in other faculty and students in the process. The downside is that your