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Lightweight Web Servers For Windows

For Win32 Clients the ASP.NET Cassini web server ( can be used as a lightweight web server. I do not know the level of anonymity it provides out of the box so this should be investigated thoroughly before relying on it. The main thing is that this is the most lightweight web server that I am aware of for the Windows O/S.

You will need to install the Microsoft.Net framework also to make this work since this web server is capable of processing aspx pages.


The easiest way to trigger this server is by placing a batch file in the directory where the CassiniWebServer application is installed:

This is the most important line that needs to be present in that batch file:

call CassiniWebServer [Directory where web site files are stored] [port] [name of folder appearing in browser {if just "/" is specified, localhost without a subfolder will be used}]

Here is a complete sample batch file:

REM Start Cassini Web Server
cd Cassini
call CassiniWebServer "E:\Projects\Jason\WebServer" 5222 /
REM ECHO Press any key to continue
REM pause


If everything goes well you should see a window that displays something like this (upon executing sample batch file):

Cassini Personal Web Server

Application Directory: E:\projects\jason\webserver
Server Port:  5222
Virtual Root: /

Click to Browse: http://localhost:5222

If you have any further questions on how to set up the CassiniWebServer this is a good resource ( Apparently there is also a CassiniEx (an extended verion of Cassini) which supports multiple web sites (Cassini only supports the hosting of 1 site although you can have as many servers running as you need).

Following setting up Cassini refer to the wiki page that goes into manipulating the Tor configuration file to support Tor over the specific port (5222).

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