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Thunderbird is a free and open-source mail, RSS, news and chat client originally released in 2003 by the Mozilla Project. It is available for download on Windows, MacOS and Linux, and is commonly found in the repositories of many major UNIX distributions. Thunderbird largely follows the principals Mozilla originally inscribed for the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Official site:

Using Thunderbird with Tor

The recommended method for using Thunderbird with Tor is by installing the TorBirdy add-on. Prior to its existence, safely Torifying Thunderbird was not a very simple task. Thankfully however, Torbirdy has made the process incredibly streamlined and easy.

Other than providing secure connectivity to the network, it also introduces several other security enhancing features such as rendering all emails in plaintext, disabling account auto-configuration and offering preset secure templates for setup.

Installing Torbirdy

Installing and setting up Torbirdy is a very quick process.

  1. First and foremost, download and install Thunderbird. If you're using GNU/Linux, check your distributions package repositories.
  2. When completed, launch Thunderbird. In the menu, hover over the 'Tools' option. Select 'Add-ons':

  1. Click 'Extensions' in the left-side menu:

  1. In the the top-right search bar, enter Torbirdy.
  2. The Torbirdy add-on should be the first option. To the right, click 'Install':

  1. Thunderbird will now require a restart.
  2. Once restarted, ensure Torbirdy is enabled by checking the bottom-left corner of the status bar:

  • (On windows, Tor Browser must be running first)
  1. Set up your email account. Torbirdy will load secure presets.
  2. Load your inbox to ensure you are able to connect.

You are now successfully connected to your email accounts securely via Tor.

GnuPG / Enigmail

Warning: Using email over Tor is not enough to protect sensitive communications!

For enhanced privacy and security, it is advised to use Enigmail in conjunction with Torbirdy. Enigmail is an open-source encryption / decryption and signing tool for Thunderbird originally released in 2001. Enigmail facilitates very simple use of GnuPG keys in order to securely transmit communications and files over the internet.

The process of installing Enigmail is largely done the same as Torbirdy; simply search for it in the add-on menu, and click 'Install'.

For information on using Enigmail, see their official documentation.

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