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Instant messaging

qip =


Method 1:

First Step:

Second Step:

Method 2:

Install 3proxy, as desribed in POP3. In the configuration file from POP3 replace (or add, to use both services) the string

pop3p -i127.0.0.1 -p110


icqpr -i127.0.0.1 110 <your_icq_server> <your_icq_port>

You can change the port number 110 to anything you want that is not yet used.

Now, you can:

  • if your program allows this, point it to use the address as the server and port number 110 (or whatever you chose)
  • redirect all requests that would go to an ICQ server, to port 110 (with a firewall, for example)

Pidgin (formerly Gaim)

For application wide settings, goto Preferences -> Network -> Proxy server and enter these settings:

Proxy type: SOCKS 5
Port: 9050

Do not use the SOCKS 4 setting; this leaks DNS.

It should look something like this:

No image "pidgin-prefs.png" attached to doc/TorifyHOWTO/InstantMessaging

It is also possible to only configure Tor to be used for specific accounts. Goto Accounts -> [an account] -> Edit Account -> Proxy and set it up as above and it should look like this:

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See the note on KDE Applications.


See the note on KDE Applications.


Psi is a Jabber client with support for additional Jabber JEP-0027 encryption, with GnuPG and Socks 5 proxy support.

Account Setup -> Modify -> Connection -> Proxy -> Edit -> New

Name: Tor
Type: SOCKS Version 5
Port: 9050

See the note on tsocks and DNS above.


"M" Menu -> Options -> Network

Proxy Type: SOCKS5
Proxy Server: localhost or
Port: 9050


Simply add the following to /etc/bitlbee/bitlbee.conf and connect with your favorite IRC client:

Proxy = socks5://localhost:9050


To use Gadu-Gadu (the Polish closed and insecure instant messaging network) with Tor, point your client program to Privoxy ( and port 8118). In Kadu, this is in: Menu - Konfiguracja - Siec. In EKG, go to the main window, type set proxy, then type save and reconnect.


To use Tor with the Jabber-Client Gajim you have to go to Change -> Account -> Connection -> Proxy. There you have to setup a new socks5-proxy and point it to and port 9050. After that you can in each account activate this proxy in the dropdown-box in the connection-menu.

But Gajim is dns-leaking. To prevent this you have to take the hostname of your jabber-server you want to connect to and resolve its IP,e.g. with tor-resolve and paste the IP adress into Account -> Connection -> Custom Hostname and Port. Now you're safe (probably ;) )