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Web Browsing with Tor

Originally, Tor was simply added into the internal proxy settings of any web browser. This left users open to a huge variety of vulnerabilities and fingerprinting methods. As such, the Tor Project developed and launched the Tor Browser (or 'TBB' for short). On top of facilitating out-of-the-box use of the Tor network, it comes with built-in modifications that enhance the security and privacy of users. These come in many forms, such as:

  • Security enhancing open-source plugins and addons
  • Refined Firefox update routine
  • Anonymised (through uniformity) User Agents
  • A secured internal configuration
  • Amnesic; wipes all traces of browsing history between restarts
  • ... and much, much more

Please note that it is very dangerous to use Tor with any browser other than the official Tor Browser. Choosing to do so will SERIOUSLY HURT your anonymity!

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