Excito B3

This page will eventually turn into a road map containing information about the release schedule, beta program, support feedback system, software upgrade plans etc.


Andrew Lewman said: "we're not going to continue with the excito b3 interface."

Select users for the test phase

We will select n, where n equals the number of B3's we have available, users who will be given one B3 each. The users will have to run Tor as either a bridge or a relay for a certain amount of time, and provide feedback to us via either a survey or email.

Feedback plan

The feedback plan for the B3 is the same as for the DreamPlug. We will request that each user will fill out a survey with a list of questions - this includes information about how they deployed the B3, if they had NAT issues and if they solved them on their own, what problems they encountered, how they solved their problems, what they want to see in an update, and other feedback (see #3646 and #3479).

Support plan

The support plan for the B3 is similar to the support plan for the DreamPlug. We will create a mailing list that users can email with questions about the Torouter. Only questions about Tor and the Tor web interface should be directed to us. Excito will provide support for all other B3 related questions.

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