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    9393 * It has been reported that [ Eset] will upload files and other identify information to the antivirus vendor.
    9494 * [ Avira] has a [ "proactiv" feature], I haven't checked that, but it seams that it will (yet) only do this with the users consent. As of right now it also uploads only executables, but there are also macro viruses in documents and potential exploits in media files, so what will be uploaded next?
     95 * Modern KasperskyLab AV products send hashes of the files to Lab's servers. This can be dangerous, there is a rumor of accident when an unrelated person was questioned by FSB (the Lab is closely related to it) because of a piece of malware on a PC having the same hash that had a malware attacked some government organization.
    9596 * A new trend is not to scan locally but to upload all files into a cloud for remote scanning, example: [ Panda Cloud Antivirus]. This might save local CPU, but is very bad for privacy.
    9697Other Antivirus software have not been researched yet. Post your findings and your source.