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    55[ OONI] detects censorship, surveillance, and traffic manipulation on the internet.
    7 Currently, there is only a command line interface for Linux users or an offline website for raspberry pis.
     7Mac OS and Linux users can run [ ooniprobe] via the command line or via OONI's web UI. Alternatively, users can run ooniprobe through its [ distribution for Raspberry Pis].
     9Installation instructions can be found [ here].
    911This project improves on web and mobile UI designs to ready them for launch.
    2830 * Communicate risk appropriately to users.
     32= Communicating risks to users =
     34== Documentation ==
     36OONI's software tests, called ooniprobe, serve as an investigatory tool for examining and uncovering internet censorship. As such, the use of ooniprobe can be associated with different types of risks, depending on the country that the tests are being run from.
     38The main risks associated with the use of ooniprobe include:
     40* Anyone monitoring your internet activity (e.g. ISP, government, employer) will know that you are running ooniprobe;
     42* The tested URLs include provocative or objectionable sites (e.g. pornography, hate speech);
     44* Some ooniprobe tests might trigger the suspicion of your ISP if they are viewed as a form of "hacking";
     46* The use of ooniprobe and/or its dependencies (such as circumvention software for relevant tests) might be illegal or viewed as such in certain countries;
     48* The use of ooniprobe might be viewed as a form of espionage or condemned under broad national security laws in certain countries.
     50However, it's worth highlighting that, to our knowledge, no ooniprobe user has ever gotten into any trouble as a result of using this software or generally engaging with the OONI project.
     52While the risks outlined here are quite speculative, we have an ethical obligation to inform our users of potential risks. To this end, we have developed documentation, in consultation with lawyers, that explains in detail the risks associated to installing and running ooniprobe, and in regards to publishing measurements. This documentation is published on OONI's website and can be found [ here].
     54Initially, this documentation was also included in OONI's desktop and mobile clients. However, as this documentation is far too long, there is the concern that users will likely not read it and feel dis-encouraged from using the clients.
     56To address this, we are revising the Risks documentation so that it conveys the information in a concise and "user friendly" way through the desktop and mobile clients. As part of this process, we are aiming to strike a balance between informing users adequately of potential risks, while not dis-encouraging them from using ooniprobe.
     58== Quiz ==
     60To acquire consent from our users, we have created a quiz that they are required to answer correctly as a prerequisite to using ooniprobe.
     62This quiz attempts to ensure that users understand that:
     64* Anyone monitoring their internet activity will be able to identify them as an ooniprobe user;
     66* Unless they opt-out, their measurements will automatically be published by OONI.
     68As part of the review process, we aim to revise the quiz to improve upon consent acquisition.
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